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All 3 together #MassiveForDaz #PlaygroundsForDaz and #DestroyForDaz, helping people create. What are you waiting for ? Go create !

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Hi there^^

hoped1988 Cover 2A v.2.15

I'm a german man, love big, huge ... giant things and will create them too.^^(in the future i hope so) I have millions of ideas for pics, stories and it will growing daily more.

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bmtbguy, witchking00 aand more ;)
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Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, One Piece, Uncharted etc.
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Big things of course ;)
After I was able to solve my problem from the last time, now comes a new problem. DAZ can no longer load my project file, it crashes every time I try! Originally I planned to create a few extra pages for my version of the story, but at the moment it looks like nothing will come of it. : / I have already tried different things, bmtbguy also tried to help me, unfortunately unsuccessfully. It is not due to my RAM either, it is only used up to 17%. I have sent my bug report to DAZ customer service, maybe they have a solution to the problem, but I don’t believe it and I won’t wait for it! At the moment I am still hesitating whether I should leave the comic as it is and use the test images that I was able to create (but they are without lighting effects!) Or whether I should start all over again. Should I start all over again, everything would be postponed again for a little more than a week! But what do you want? Would you like to have an unfinished comic in the next 2 to 3 days or can
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Due to a technical problem, I may not be able to upload my version of CT41 this weekend! I'm sorry, I've been working all day to solve the problem. I also wrote to the support from the creator of my graphics program. Maybe the problem will be solved at least tomorrow. Sometime next week the time has come, sorry again for that. :/
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Hi guys, why does it takes so long to choose a finished avatar image you ask? Here is the easy and complicated answer: "RL" A few days after my last post i had a sports accident at my back. After that, I had to lie flat on my back for two weeks. When everything was fine with my back again, I was very pissed off about the los time and my first avatar didn't get that good feedback. So I started all over again! I hope you like the result, now I have a total of 27 variations, so I could change it at any time, if I want... ^^' So what's next? At first I will finishing the promised "surprises", which should be done "quick" because I got only one answer for it. :/ After that I will work at my DA Cover/Background image and after that is done I will inform you about the next steps. I wish you all a good day and stay save. ^^
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Thank you so much for the fav on my Ironwoman Color pencil drawing !! It really means a lot for me who is a hobbyist that you took time to like my drawing. You can add me to your watchlist if you want to see my next drawings, and hope I can do more drawings that you will enjoy

What should I say? Your pencil style looks great/awesome and I like gender bender if it is mean as "fanservice". ^^' I'm a simple man. xD

Thank you so much for the favourites!

Consider supporting me on Patreon for $1 a month, or a Ko-fi! ^-^

Hope you have a lovely day and remember to stay respectful & kind!

Thank you for another fave! =D It means a lot to me!

Thanks for the fave. I appreciate it very much.

Realistic looking drawn pets are rare this days. ^^ I really like it! ^^

Thank you very much for favs!! :)