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Don't step on a crack.
You'll break your mother's back
or tread on the lone flower
that grows there.
I was and am
and always will be
that flower,
and scattered in the wind,
but every time,
I skim the pavement
for another valley
and bloom again.
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White-knuckling the edge,
she stuck out her neck to smell
a waterlily.
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Light Play
I remember
housebound afternoons
when sunshine cascaded
from window to carpet
and fashioned a stage.
My sister and I
would row some days
through pristine waters
or leap across canyons
teeming with lava.
We were children of the light,
and the sun was our muse;
we basked in its warmth
and the ability to see it still
until shadows grew long
and our eyes grew tired
and the curtains drew our fun
to a close.
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My lover paused on hearing
the frantic wingbeats
of a house sparrow
trapped in the hallway,
and crashing into walls.
Several times, he failed
to capture it;
whenever he approached,
it fled,
fearing the help
it wanted.
He opened the gate
to set it free;
it demurred, leaning
against the garbage can,
then took flight at last.
I saw myself
in that little bird;
my heart went out to it,
and a small piece
never returned.
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As I Am
I. Medium
You ask me to put my words
to music, as if something is
I didn't know
I must sing
in order to be heard.
Tell me, do you cluck your tongue
at a painting
because you felt the artist
should have sculpted it instead?
II. Voice
In college, a classmate
pronounced my use
of first-person narrative
as self-centered.
I didn't know
that I had to bring in
the proverbial you
in order for people
to relate.
While it's true
I write through the lens
of experience, I'm not blind
to the world around me,
and anyway, I've heard it said
you can't always assume
that the poet is the speaker.
III. Risk
A professor cautioned
that as a writer, I can't possibly
please every audience.
After all, there is nothing new
under the sun.
Love poems are cliche,
but sex and violence sell;
sad poems are cliche,
but bad news sells--
and on down the line
until poets' quest
for originality
saturates the genre
and abstraction
for the sake of abstraction
becomes itself cliche.
IV. Other
Last I checked, poetic
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He says the fireflies
are out again tonight.
I can see them
in memory only,
but I haven't far to go
before I'm walking at last
among the stars.
I've been wandering
the paths of myself
in search of light.
I've grown weary,
clumsily striking flint on steel
in hopes of rekindling
love and health and purpose.
But I can't help wondering
if friction was the wrong approach.
is a difficult study
for mere humans,
and yet fireflies glow
simply by breathing.
Eyes closed,
I breathe a silent wish
upon constellations grounded.
Somehow, I sense
the fireflies can hear me
and that I haven't far to go
before I find my spark.
:iconhopeburnsblue:hopeburnsblue 10 9
There's no legend
on the map to healing.
You simply
fumble your way
through its maze-like corridors
until you learn to recognize
landmarks: when your lover holds you
and you realize it's been years
since you last flinched;
when your name sounds
less like a curse
and more like a caress;
when your silence thaws
and crystalline words
drip from your very pores.
But healing takes time.
This is not the race
against time.
This is not the race
against others' expectations
of where you "should" be.
After all, cycles were never meant
to be linear.
Like rain to runoff
to river to ocean
to thundercloud and back,
grief can reasonably
repeat itself.
Denial and anger
and bargain
and depression
often sing rounds
before acceptance brings
an end to the requiem,
allowing the birth
of a new song.
So when they ask you
why you haven't managed
to move past it yet,
remember you are a student
whose task is learning
to move with it;
and when they say
your past should not define you,
remember while it's true
:iconhopeburnsblue:hopeburnsblue 10 7
Butterfly, emerge!
Sunlit scales in unblind eyes
gild your prism wings
like the blue sky come to life
as you brace for your first flight.
:iconhopeburnsblue:hopeburnsblue 10 3
Note to Self
Oft I find
I am at once
deer and arrow.
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Mel Finefrock
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
In addition to authoring Patchwork Poetry, Mel Finefrock frequents popular blogs including the Mighty, the Huffington Post, and elephant journal. She is also the basis for blind protagonist Janie Jansen in Melissa Foster's Touched by Love. Finefrock enjoys singing and playing guitar, and just about any cup of tea is her cup of tea.

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Getting Help Is a Two-Way Street

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Crisis Text Line are great resources, but different things work for everyone. We tell people struggling with suicidal thoughts to get professional help, to reach out to us for support ... but I think it's important to reach out to them. To keep our eyes open. That in itself is a preventative measure. Because even when people do want to talk about how they're feeling, not everyone knows where to start. Add the fact that mental health services aren't always accessible to those who need it most and the fact that suicide and mental illness are riddled with stigma in our society, and it's that much more intimidating. So please, please just be love and compassion and support to people going through a rough time the best you can.

More Resources

:iconheartyellowplz: PoetryOD writes about suicide prevention and how the stressors of being a student impact mental health

:iconheartyellowplz: Like this journal skin? Thank Nichrysalis.

:iconheartyellowplz: Speaking of Suicide has some really helpful resources concerning suicidal individuals and/or survivors, their loved ones, mental health professionals, and so on. I've read several articles there that have made me think--what and what not to say to someone who is feeling suicidal, arguments for and against suicide prevention, etc.

:iconheartyellowplz: Would you like me to add a group, article, or other resource? I'd be happy to. Leave a link in the comments and I'll check it out.

You Matter

A hell of a lot. It can be exhausting to constantly acknowledge, sort through, and attempt to set aside feelings to the contrary. It can be difficult to remember you aren't a burden. It can be easy to forget you aren't alone, that even if someone doesn't understand by experience what you're going through, they love you and want to help in any way they can. It can be easy to forget that you are loved and lovable. But you are.

Mel Finefrock

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