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Out with the Old and in with the New

: ) in lieu of the sequel

characters not to scale XD I know Hiccup isn't that huge haha

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Gotta love them.
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I love how hiccup is like the shortest person in the first movie and first series and all of a sudden he's taller than everyone XDDDDDD
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Apparently that's how men's body work...
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Hiccup may be taller...but he knows Astrid can kick his butt anytime, anywhere...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Astrid FTW!!!! ;)
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So cute! I love it ^_^
Midnights-Starlight's avatar
Astrid is not happy about the new height difference XD
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Wow, that made me realize he's much more taller in the 2nd movie than the Astrid from the 1st movie XD
hope-for-da-snow's avatar
he's only really like 1 inch - 2 inches taller, let's pretend Astrid is sitting down in this picture ^_^
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was she really taller than him in the first movie and was he really taller than her in the second and third movie?

also out of curiosity do you take requests because I know a little Graphic novel of How To Train Your Dragon that you could draw if you are interested?

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I like the image btw

((I also like your profile pic XD))
hope-for-da-snow's avatar
omg thank you XDDD <3
ThePonyFox's avatar
XD You're welcome hun ;)
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How did Hiccup's hair appear from smooth to messy ? :o Overall this is a great drawing. :)
hope-for-da-snow's avatar
It's all Night Fury saliva probably hehe
SonicDPLozLove's avatar
Astrid: Ha! I'm taller than you!

Hiccup: Yeah, guess your right...

*5 Years Later*

Astrid: Say it, and you dead!

Hiccup: ...hehe... No need for that... :iconsweatdropplz:
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Who is the blonde one?
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You have obviously not seen the movie have you
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you know ever Friday night the sex is rough and loud between them two
mivpus's avatar
Why Friday? Because it's the day of Freya?
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the size doesn't matter after your balls got kicked.
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