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[WIP] Skin Wall with Wooden Framing by Hoover1979 [WIP] Skin Wall with Wooden Framing by Hoover1979
I have began working on an UltraHD Texture pack for Doom using my own work with aid from custom filter forge filters, and also for the decor on some textures I worked from Images from a customised google search for those filtered by licence "to use, share or modify" to avoid any legal complications.  The texture pack is of massive resolution and may take a year or more to complete.

I will probably come back to this at some point as there is something that seems off with this one.  I'm not sure what the issue is but I am not 100% happy with it at the moment.


This texture will not go in the pack as I don't like the wood.  It looks like plastic, and I need to create a more suitable hide/skin texture.  I'll get there but I need more programs to get the wood right, all of the Filter Forge wood pattern filters look like smooth plastic, and I am trying to get rustic, worn wood, that splinters apart in spots.  I'll stick to the metallic, and stone textures and leave the wood ones to last.  Hopefully by then I will have all the programs I need, and would have further refined my skills (I am self teaching).
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Hoover1979 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the reply and the kind words. I am away from my PC too. I am in a private clinic being treated for depression and anxeity so I am borrowing my dad's new laptop. I also had to take a temporary break from textures to focus on my physical health as I am in dire straits there with many specialists appointments and surgeries on the table including back surgery. I can't wait to get back to texturing but health comes first.
HermesAnubis Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Student General Artist
Really nice work, would you have some Heretic HD textures? If don't Could you make some? I'll work ona personal project to rebuild the first maps and se how it flows. I'll of course give all the credit of the textures that you make, and share the profits. But I'm still working out a way of making the game style work nice and flow as suppoust to be...I'm using UE4..but out of the amount of resources that I would like to have...

Any way, your work is great. if interests you, please, be in toutch.
Hoover1979 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the kind words regarding my work, and for the Llama badge.

I may work on a Heretic pack in the future, but I don't work for profit on games I don't own the rights to, that is a sure-fire way to land a lawsuit.  I need to get the Doom Textures done first.  then I could work on a Heretic one and in the future Hexen, Hexen II and Strife are on my possible list. 

The Doom Textures are going to take a long time to get done as they have way more textures than heretic.  I also don't know how they will work with UE4 as I currently have not discovered how to make Gloss maps, normal maps, bump maps and specular maps and UE4 requires them or the game looks flat.  Maybe in the future I could do them but I am teaching myself and would not know where to begin. 

At the moment Risen3D/jDoom and GZDoom does not use these extra maps for the textures so the textures alone are sufficient for these engine ports.  Bright maps are easier to do as they are black and white textures with white being fullbright, black being dark and grey being in between.  I will do those for the GZDoom port so textures with lights have the lights still shine in dark rooms, as this can be done in photoshop from a copy of the texture. 

From what I've been told by other texture devs for the bump and normal maps, a 3d model needs to be made that matches the texture exactly needs to be created so that Parallax Occlusion Mapping works.  I don't have the programs and it would take years to master that technique.  as far as specular and gloss.  I have no idea what programs I'd need to use.
HermesAnubis Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Student General Artist
Thanks for your sincerity, and for answaring.
I was thinking that you "don't give a Dam". LOL
Anywhay, I was begining a full project yo remake in full 3D on the UE4 engine. but, thigs got complicated, and this willhave to wait a little longer than I expected.
Sinse now I am a father and got some new responsabilitys, so, life goes on.

But I undrstand, that as an artist you find yourself on the path of perfections, and wants to become the best at what you do.
And I belive hat you can make most of your studys of texturing and full rendering,with lights en esphere refletions on UE4.

Its a great software.

And, regarding the rights over the game Heretic, I was thinkin on havin a little chat with the Raven company, but, one friend wich works with me advise me to take nother course, and make a holl new history, and take the idea as an inspiratio, wich, was already going on on my head.

As I like to much of mistics, like Tarot, astrology and the magics of naure, i thogth of embeding the core of each of these things on the history, and make a larger and more complex game.

 If I got the my PC back until the end of this year I'll need your help, in deed, And as a Test project, I think you could use this oportunity to grow your skills, and Leran and teatch at same time, because the rade of knowledge is something that I seek the most.

And a fellow that is nice as you can become a great friend and an alie on this journey.

Thanks for the enlightment, and for your precius time.

I'll try to be in outch one in a while, sorry o reply so late, but my PC died, and I went out of it for a holl year...wich was a pain, but, we are getting back on the horse. LOL

Talk to you soon.

If you want, you can find me at facebook: Ivan Radagast Sicolo.
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