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D1 - Episode 1 sky remake (More faithful variant) by Hoover1979 D1 - Episode 1 sky remake (More faithful variant) by Hoover1979
I have began working on an UltraHD Texture pack for Doom using my own work with aid from custom filter forge filters, and also for the decor on some textures I worked from Images from a customised google search for those filtered by licence "to use, share or modify" to avoid any legal complications.  The texture pack is of massive resolution and may take a year or more to complete.

This is a more faithful version of the Knee Deep in the Dead sky.  I was never quite happy with the original sky.  It wasn't very realistic, and I did as it was a long time ago and my skills have developed more since then..  
Although I always had a problem with the original Knee Deep in the Dead sky on the original Doom, as I don't believe that the mountains on Phobos would have earth trees and vegetation on it's mountains, I am using my further developed skills to try to have more faithful sky textures as a mark of respect for Doom.
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July 20, 2017
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