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Meet the robot from Studio Ghibli by Hoovedstorys Meet the robot from Studio Ghibli :iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 14 0 The Ice Skaters Dance by Hoovedstorys The Ice Skaters Dance :iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 1 0 No Eyes, No Evil by Hoovedstorys No Eyes, No Evil :iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 2 0 Dented Corner by Hoovedstorys Dented Corner :iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 0 0 Dancing With Shadows by Hoovedstorys Dancing With Shadows :iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 4 0 Sakura by Hoovedstorys Sakura :iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 1 0
Little White Rabbit Chapter 5
As I walk, I felt strange. I glance up at the trees to make sure that no one was following me, or that someone was actually there. What did the caterpillar mean by “not following the white rabbit”? I mean... what is this game that's going on, I don’t understand it one bit but I’m going to find out soon enough. Those twins know something.
I feel the cold presence again, the rustling in the bushes and the laughter. It’s all the same as before.
“Look Dum, he has come back~” I hear a voice say.
“Yes Dee, he wants to know the truth of the game.” The other said as they walk out of the bushes and closer to me. “And you know who can give you a better answer, Alice~” I shake my head as a response.
“Ace of Spades, oh yes, she has answers to this game, to this riddle.” Dum says as she places a hand on my shoulder. “Ace knows the wrong of this world, she knows betrayal, she knows not what love is.” She whispe
:iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 1 0
Little White Rabbit Chapter 4
It’s odd how I got here. I mean, I am an average student with okayish grades and a loving mom who shacked up with a horrible dad. Yep... I was average. Yet now where am I? Following a little kid with a creepy costume on in a wear world where I’m wearing some outfit that the president's would wear. Great... What I do know is, this world I enter when I relax is known as Wonderland; I am stuck in this weird group who name themselves, “Waking Alice”. Man, this is going to be a long day.
As I follow the kid, it ran through my mind of what this world was. Is it something people see when they're on drugs? Or something like that. Have I been drugged?! As I walked with my mind in the clouds, I get pulled to a stop.
“You know, you think out loud too much.” He says. “Oh, I never told you my name, did I...” He looks at me with large eyes as he smiles. “I am the Cheshire Cat.” With that, he makes his tail disappear. “And my little br
:iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 1 2
Little White Rabbit Chapter 3
“Wait, little white rabbit?...” I say as if this was some kind of lame joke being pulled. “That is stupid. If she’s white rabbit, what are you?” I ask as if trying to be sarcastic. He turns to me and smirks.
“I’m the mad hatter.” He says as he walks closer, and closer. “And you are Alice.” He says with a wide smirk as he turns away, his hair brushing across my face. “We are all apart of the group, “Waking Alice”.” He says as he sits down in his chair and places his feet on the desk.
“Did you just call me Alice? I’m sure my name is Kevin.” I say, crossing my arms. “I hate this, I don’t want any part-”
“You can’t get out if it.” He interrupts. “Close your eyes, what do you see.” He says looking at me. “Go on, close your eyes.” I slowly do as he says. I close my eyes and think. “Don’t think, just relax.” His voi
:iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 1 0
Jin the Demon by Hoovedstorys Jin the Demon :iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 3 0
Little White Rabbit Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Little White Rabbit
Looking at the letter, I dropped my plate and stood up. “What... What’s wrong with the food...” I say as I glance at the hat on my bed. Right, I through the pillow across the room. I gently pick up the hat, eyes tracing over the buttons. “Strange... Why would-” I get cut off by a picture falling out of the hat. I stare at it, looking over what had fallen out. Then reaching for it and picked it up.
It was a photo of Primrose with a man in army colours. I’m guessing it was her dad. A woman who looked a lot like Primrose stood next to her, she wore a tight baby blue dress and her hair was a dark brown. “Hmm...” I mutter as I slowly sit back down on my bed. “Why did she send this to me...” I ask myself as I look around my room. “White rabbit...” I mutter standing up once again and pulling off a picture that was on the wall of a little rabbit. It was drawn on by Primrose on my birthday.
:iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 1 0
A Girl With Big Dreams by Hoovedstorys A Girl With Big Dreams :iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 4 1 Mass Effect Character by Hoovedstorys Mass Effect Character :iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 2 0
Today is my 16th
Today is my 16th birthday
and I woke up in a coffin.
I will remain 16 for as long as I say
in this dark coffin.
It’s not so bad I guess,
I have taken more breaths than those
who lost theirs.
With each breath I took,
someone else took their last.
Today I have lived longer than most.
Seen more than many.
Some people have seen more than I
and know more than I.
I am 16 today,
some don’t make it past 5,
some don’t make it when they enter this world.
Some I know already are in their coffins.
Someone takes a breath,
someone else loses their.
It’s crazy to think that soon,
that will be you.
Doesn’t matter how,
Doesn’t matter when,
Doesn’t matter who you're with.
It all happens,
someone takes our last breath with them.
We take the breaths of those who have fallen,
we take the skies that they once saw with their eyes.
We took everything that they once had.
Today I am 16,
I woke up in my bed breathing.
I woke up to smiles and hugs.
I woke up and took anot
:iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 4 1
Rosella by Hoovedstorys Rosella :iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 4 0 At Gun Point: Aoba by Hoovedstorys At Gun Point: Aoba :iconhoovedstorys:Hoovedstorys 3 0


[OOTH] Akiana Redrawn by Qursidae [OOTH] Akiana Redrawn :iconqursidae:Qursidae 21 2 Oracle Dragon Room Guardian by AnyaBoz Oracle Dragon Room Guardian :iconanyaboz:AnyaBoz 949 15 breaking point by DawnoftheBlueMoon breaking point :icondawnofthebluemoon:DawnoftheBlueMoon 63 21 CMiconnyeu-chan by VeggieStudio CMiconnyeu-chan :iconveggiestudio:VeggieStudio 54 0 CMflyingwaysofducks by VeggieStudio CMflyingwaysofducks :iconveggiestudio:VeggieStudio 124 2 CMlekariaa by VeggieStudio CMlekariaa :iconveggiestudio:VeggieStudio 117 7 LUNA - Commission Based on a Childhood Sketch by Eddy-Shinjuku LUNA - Commission Based on a Childhood Sketch :iconeddy-shinjuku:Eddy-Shinjuku 595 14 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 160) (Light Ending) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 160) (Light Ending) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,048 212 9s by wlop 9s :iconwlop:wlop 2,333 30 18s by wlop 18s :iconwlop:wlop 3,837 72 DnD: K I N G by Dettan-arts DnD: K I N G :icondettan-arts:Dettan-arts 12 7 DnD: Lv. 20 Spice girls by Dettan-arts
Mature content
DnD: Lv. 20 Spice girls :icondettan-arts:Dettan-arts 5 0
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