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You Wanna Talk About It?

I think Marshall's eyes are bleeding from how pink and girlie Gumball's room is.

I actually based it off my incredibly pink room! I am not ashamed :icondivaplz:

But honestly, I had wanted some sad thing to happen to Marshall and Gumball has to console him and its all awkward cuz they "hate" each other but we all know its love!
:iconpervplz: Yeah but I couldn't think of anything ^^;

EDIT: GUYS. Guys. :iconprincess-seraphim: and I are working on a GB/Marshall Comic based on this :D Stay Tuned!
EDIT2: Aaaaand BOOM [link] Comic Time!
Prince Gumball & Marshall Lee from Cartoon Network's "Adventure Time"
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AllyWay2019's avatar
Your's is pink? Oh Noes! 

Mine's punk. But I own no posters of bands, only drawings that I have hung up around my room. My walls are cotton candy blue though AAAGGGHHH I'm having them repainted soon. 
i-really-like-pie-ll's avatar
dont worry its Spears - Pervy face 
The-Solar-Library's avatar
 It's love,man. It's love.
Violet-the-Geek's avatar
Is your room Pretty ? I bet It's Pretty
Hootsweets's avatar
It actually looked a lot like the room in the drawing! It is no more though since I moved out a couple of years ago. :c
I'm sure your new place is just as pretty as this drawing ( Which is super pretty , Btw )
JustATotalGayBoy's avatar
Simply glorious! Ooh, of course we ALL know it's love... In the most purest of forms ^_^
animeweirdothe7th's avatar
I love how this is an emotional piece and all I look at is the candy corn mouse on the side
OnikaALee's avatar
i love pink but thats too much,I feel ya Marsh.
Mcflufflebutt's avatar
I apologize for all the favorite's you're receiving from me...
I love your GB art <3
deaththegirl2001's avatar
All I see is Lee saying "IM NOT READY TO BE A MOTHER!"
Apatix4869's avatar
I myself used to have pink room... Painted entirely in pink... But then we moved and I grew out of liking pink things T-T
KenshinSegarra's avatar
I'd be like Marshall too. Too much pink.
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
My sister used to have a pink room when she was younger.  I've never liked the color pink, even as a child.  I wonder what's got Marshall angsty this time.  It could be any number of troubles with the universe; going through eternal life alone; or else just DUTY getting in the way of how he wants to live his life.
summertimeromantic's avatar
"G-Gumball, babe. I-Im-"
"Your what Marshall? Just tell me."
"Fuck, I'm pregnant!!"
Artistic-Persona's avatar
Nah, it'd go more like,
"Are you okay? You wanna talk about something?"
"Listen, there's something weird going on, I think you're the father, but-"
And then Gumball explodes because they gon' have a baby.
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
That would be something I'd like to see.  Most people have Gumball as the uke of this pairing, the "mommy" of m-preg fanfics if you will.
Escritora2Aliasfox's avatar
they both look gorgeous aded science!! the rat!! love that ^_^
wolfheartsprite's avatar
Is that pink lantern sad?
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