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Golden Pump

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This character is already pretty well-known to most of you, I'm sure, and now, thanks to the great :iconmember9: graciously donating a render, I can finally share her bio with you! :) Original: fav.me/d9yg8w8

Name: Madison Devonshire

Alias: Golden Pump

Identity: secret

First AppearanceSuper City Heroines (3): A Golden Opportunity 

Occupation: media personality, model, Section 7 operative (much to her colleagues' dismay), adult actress (secretly)

Goals: On a subconscious level, Pump realizes her fame and fortune aren't something she's achieved of her own accord. Becoming a superheroine is a way for her to get to do something that she can actually take credit for. She does this for herself, not because she cares what others think, however, which is why she keeps her identity a secret. Otherwise her success as a superheroine might also be attributed to her already existing fame. She is however more concerned about her own image than actually doing good for the sake of it, which is another reason she keeps her identity secret. It gives her freedom to do what she wants without having to fear any repercussions in her personal life. Despite this she is very loyal to Section 7 and her tutor Gold Fever.

Education: hospitality and tourism management, psychology, acting school*

* all diplomas obtained by bribery and other unofficial means

Qualities: highly motivated, energetic, (somewhat) cunning (at times), quick learner

Flaws: self-absorbed, shallow, ignorant, rude, temperamental, conceited, overconfident, sly, blunt, impatient, intolerant, jealous, hungry for glory, superficial, entitled... do I have to go on? ;) 


- She's a decent singer and dancer.
- She only joins Section 7 in the 'second arc' of stories which also features DA OC's, so if you're reading a story about Section 7 and wonder where she is, it's most likely one of the first arc. You can always check the chronology of events (fav.me/da23boa) to make sure.
- As opposed to most heroines, her real-life persona is far more famous than her superheroine alter ego.
- She sometimes plays a dominatrix in her 'free time' (you guys have Dangerguy01 to thank for this idea ;)), but makes sure to remain unrecognizable when she does.
- Pump was born in the USA, but has some Eastern European descent. Her mother is a former model who immigrated to the USA to marry a rich businessman.
- Though she's definitely no genius, her IQ is not as low as you might suspect: her personality is likely the main thing that makes her appear unintelligent.
- She dislikes Purity, a lot, because she's jealous of her success as a superheroine.

Sexual orientation: straight, but she'll do anything for money

Age: 20

Physical Attributes

Height: 5'7'' / 1,70 m

Eyes: hazel

Hair: blonde (dyed, her natural hair colour is brown)


Divine alchemy (limited): just like Gold Fever, Pump is skilled in the art of transmutation and the ability to bend various metals into all kinds of shapes. She is nowhere near on the same level as Gold Fever in terms of how much metal she is able to control simultaneously or the range at which her power is effective, however. Therefore she mostly uses it to augment her melee capabilities.


Pump has decent stamina and is quite agile. She's also learned some of the art of Capoeira from Gold Fever, which she can use to relatively good effect, although she still favours the straight-up punch. Her skills are nothing too spectacular if not augmented by her superhuman abilities, however: she relies heavily on her powers.

She's also more durable than she looks. Her powers allow her to wear a skin-tight net of golden threads that are so thin they are barely visible to the naked eye, while still offering comparable protection to a thick suit of mail. To protect against cranial impacts (and keep her hair in shape), she also weaves thin golden threads into her hair, which she sometimes fixes to act like a helmet.


Golden suit: her suit is made of actual gold, held in place by her will and control over her divine alchemy. In a fight, she will often adjust the suit accordingly to where she's receiving a hit, thus mitigating the damage of a blow and often leaving her with an opportunity to land a strike herself.

Pumps: Her trademark pumps are also made of actual gold. Like the rest of her outfit, it doesn't feel heavy to her because she's able to move it with her mind. 

Mask: Pump's mask is made of a special alloy crafted by Gold Fever that attaches itself to the skin and can only be removed by using divine alchemy.

Physical prowess: 3/10 Supernatural powers: 7/10 Intelligence: 3/10 Subterfuge: 3/10


- She's not very physically strong, which means that if her powers are neutralized, she's essentially left helpless. Her stamina, while not bad by the standards of regular humans, may also be lacking for long drawn-out battles against super powered opponents.

- Form over function: Pump cares about looking good while doing things a bit too much, to the point where it can stop her from achieving anything at all. 

- Temperamental: her temper can sometimes get the better of her. Wily opponents will recognize this and try to exploit it. 

- Since she has the same power, she also shares the same weaknesses as Gold Fever: availability of metals in her immediate surroundings are a necessity for her powers to be of use, a loss of focus can make it difficult for her to use her powers, and if she were blinded using her powers becomes dangerous at best.

Theme song: You Can't Stump The Pump - Artist: herself

Golden Pump has also been featured by :icondangerguy01: (in writing) and :iconcracoviia: (in drawings). Go look for her in their galleries!
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Golden Pump... If that isn't a stripper name, then none exist.

Great bio!

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She seems to have a very, colourful personality!
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Golden Pump emoji : "A golden personality!"
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Just like her outfit!
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Very nice concept for sure, i like her bio, her flaws are pretty funny - giggles

She looks gorgeous on the render, i still will see her using gladiator heels someday :P
HoorayForSloth's avatar
You could always 'hire' her and ask her to wear them. ;) 
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Oh yes, i can always says that to explain why she will be using it :P 
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Pretty cool. 
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Watch out though, you'll break her like a twig if you squeeze too hard! ;) 
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RenderPretenderHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool bio, nice render.  
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CracoviiaHobbyist Digital Artist
La Pumpe!

I already knew some of the background information but it's always good to have more. all diplomas obtained by bribery and other unofficial means --- 'Unofficial means' I wonder what those could be ;)

Intelligence: 3!?!? Did she get this improved by 'bribery and other unofficial means'?

An the image, wow, that's one of :iconmember9:'s absolute best. She looks glamorous, sexy, shiny...and annoying, so annoying that seeing her in trouble is highly amusing :D

Great work both of you :)
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Thanks for the compliment
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Hehehe. Very unofficial. Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1] 
I was tempted to give her an intelligence rating of '1' (which would make her the lowest of all) but I figured she wouldn't be able to understand any of Gold Fever's lessons if she were that stupid.
I agree. member9 outdid himself.
Woohoo! That's exactly how I wanted people to feel about her. And who knows, there just might be trouble ahead. ;)
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The-Mighty-SpectraHobbyist General Artist
You forgot to mention that she likes a certain blonde alien heroine.:wink kiss: 
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Ah, everyone likes her. It goes without saying. ;) 
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Dangerguy01Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great work by Member9, as usual. Always good to learn more about one of my favourite self-absorbed bimbos.
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*Pump tries to find out who the others are so she can outdo them* 
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Dangerguy01Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sigh... of course she does. Roll-Eyes Smiley 
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She wants to be your favourite, you should be flattered!

(... from her perspective, of course. ;) )
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Great bio! Super descriptive. That's an awful lot of flaws! ;)
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