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begining of a healing process.

:HOON's official Sunday afternoon ritual: its been a while i ve done a color piece, as well as my weekly speed painting ritual. a few days ago i opened up a canvas with lineart in it. but i simply wasnt able to place colors on it which made me think im losing touch with my inner-colorful-side Xp. for a while now, i was simply focusing on lineart only since talented juji is there to back me up, as far as painting is concerned. however, this little study of lighting and blending color was more than satisfying. playing with color is great fun, something quite different from lineart.

painter8 (pastel and acrylic)
about 3hours,
No references

SOOTH ME CLOSELY: Closeup montage:>> [link] <<
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Wonderful... exellent job, color, draw

.Llama Emoji-66 (Angry) [V3] 
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:clap: Wonderful... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: J'adore. :) :love: :heart:
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Very good I love it.
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Downright gorgeous! Very well done
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Hello, I had sent you a note regrading if I could use Sooth in a project that will be bringing music and art together. The music that your picture would be with is Raise your Weapon by Deadmau5. The reason I'm asking you again because I haven't heard a reply yet. I was hoping to post this on Monday and I hope I can hear from you then (I'll send you another note too). Unfortunately, if I don't hear from you by Monday I'm going to have to post it with your picture on it. I would give you full credit with a link back to the picture as well as to your profile. If you do not like it, please note me and I will immediately take it down (I'm really hoping to hear from you so we do not have to go into this other option). Thank you so much for reading and your piece is very pretty. Have a great day.
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i love it too... would live to see how you did that :)
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This looks really wonderful! :heart:
Lovely work on the water and "splash"
Love the lighting! Absolutely wonderful!!
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very gorgeous indeed :D
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beautiful light/dark contrasts.. i likie how the shadow's aren't really blackadn the lights aren't really white..
beautiful hands and face
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I'm totally loving that left hand! :love:
Colour-work is also really nice :heart: The water looks gorgeous!
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nice drawings
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luvly piece, well done
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This is an amazing work
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I love it!! The angel is perfect...
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this is so pretty, I love the way the lighting makes it look as though its glowing
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Hi there, ive found your art on a hard drive belonging to a friend and i used it in a render of mine, if you want me to get rid of it i will, im just asking permission to use it still and mention you in my art??
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looks incredible! :D
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Whoa! Man that is cool lighting :D
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amazing blue :)
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this is great! i loooove this angel!
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