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broken heart and a BFG

Personal. 2010

inspired by SC2. u know what i mean :P
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Ishtaromen's avatar
I admire combination of the colour of her skin and clothes. Somehow I really like it.
3DXtremist's avatar
both the gun and the lady are sexy
sbwoo's avatar
great - - - ^_<
Valmorthoron's avatar
You are a superior artist.
UZUQBO's avatar
wow!! awesome work!
Cele-Cam's avatar
i konw what you mean, on thycus shoulder :P
Raposa's avatar
Nice chair... also nice gun..... Ha cool Shoes... Congratulation
Phantom-ops's avatar
boy, this is awesome, girls love big F%&$/* guns hehehe
J-Kalika's avatar
By Starcraft 2?! O_O
rotsentu's avatar
Soul Calibur 2?? Star Craft 2??
MobiusZero's avatar
I like the gun design
kittako's avatar
Amazing, especially the weapon!!
JaeDsc's avatar
Absolutely Stunning.
BrainDigger's avatar
This is amazing! I love everything about it. The girl's body, her expression, her outfit, the BFG, the heart shaped chair... It's breathtaking.

...And did I mention it's colored in an awesomely realistic yet not too realistic style...? It's beautiful.
KreepingSpawn's avatar
obviously she's stronger than she looks... ;)
cyborg woman!!
the recoil will roll her hearty[hahah] chair right over! ;p
hikaritoyami's avatar
Broken heart—nice!
kaze26's avatar
tsim's avatar
Welcome back =D
gryphonarts's avatar
Dude, if this is what Hearts and Diamonds looks like I cant wait to see clubs and especially Spades look like!
fabianfucci's avatar
Yessssss! Justice at last!
Meecho's avatar
nice shoes ;D
The only thing I find a little weird is why everything is so detailed and lovely and then the base of the heart looks completely unfinished?
PetraImboden's avatar
:D SC2 was my first idea when I saw your artwork^^
But this is gorgoeus *.* God job man ! :D
digi-mech's avatar
cant see them, just get a url error message :(
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