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Transformer- optimus prime


when Scott from IDW contacted me about the cover art for Transformer- Optimus prime Spotlight 3D book, i was crossing my fingers to do classic design of Prime, rather than Michael bayed version. wish had come true!
there are 3D version of this image in the book and u get to wear silly paper eye glasses- one blue, one red- to see it in its full glory :P

IDW/ Hasbro 2006
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OneWingedAngelKisaki's avatar
thats really epic. Amazing
Godzillajtn's avatar
Awesome! Great work!:)
xtheznotecstasy's avatar
you wanna fuck with me naw you dont wanna fuck with me ya know why CAUSE IM OPTIMUS PRIME BEEYATCH!
SWFan1977's avatar
I see this and all I can think of is this: [link]
SoulEaterXMaka's avatar
that is awesome....
FellitoRockero's avatar
The Prime I remember, the Prime I like.
Byrdman-08's avatar
And you're awesome!!
DeathKissuFu's avatar
wow sooo cool
I love the artwork and colors on this :D
Phenometron's avatar
Excellent artwork that represents the heroic Autobot leader.
Kasu-chan12's avatar
That's fu**ing AWESOME!!!!!
BleachHero's avatar
Nice work
but dont tell me you drew that!!!
crazygamerrofl's avatar
great job!! i love it!!
jumptomjump's avatar
Thats freaking monstrous.
Superman-1's avatar
Prime is primo!
RedWingsDragon's avatar
NeonHueGoggles's avatar
Optimus thinking:Take it easy, take it easy-- ah,screw it.
*rips apart 'Con*

Wicked work with the color and everything, man. No hard lines, but everything's still distinguishable. Great job!
applesofcider's avatar
Picture's awesome, love it!
JazylH's avatar
Mind Blowing!
yellowsmoke321's avatar
I love old school transformers.. great rendition of Optimus..
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