Shakunetsu Hadouken -149
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one of many favorites of mine from the set.
Ryu, and his signature move. the move that symbolizes not only Streetfighter universe, but also the Videogame itself, and video game arcades all over the world in the 90's
it was much pleasure to have our own stab at this famous vision.

art by HOON and talented JUJI

Wacom intuos (hoon uses intuos1 juji uses intuos2) pscsii, painterix about 4 hours or less.

this is not a fanart. this picture along with many others are available for you to pick up at your local card game/ comic shops. please visit your local comic store, be a sweetheart and support! [link]

special thanks to
UDON entertainment [link] sabertoothgames. [link] and messs.cc [link]
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Bladeninja76|Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice, though I think the Shakunetsu is the red fireball.
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Aboulicious|Professional Digital Artist
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very awesome.
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This is awesome!!
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Wolfzero-kun|Student General Artist
Amazing work!
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coli666|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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maurodleon|Hobbyist General Artist
ok ok great job......ta bien chido wey
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The epic long-distance punch! Excellent!!!
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Musou-Enrai's avatar
Awesome! 8-)
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Aegis-AlVo's avatar
..and I am playing SSFIV which looks similar to this. Awesome!
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RudeEmperor3|Hobbyist Writer
Nice. Definitely SF promo material here.
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Zincu| Filmographer
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A Shakunetsu Hadouken incorporates a great deal of fire into it.
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absolutely wowed ovr here homie.
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WickedRaven|Hobbyist General Artist
very nice! =D
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{ impress!ve ..~*
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I sense foul play:


Look at the bright side, your work is good enough to merit people wanting to have made it.
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lancerdrake|Professional Filmographer
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street fighter ryu es uno de los mejores luchadores realmente es una buena imagen uno de los mejores
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ONENDONLY|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Yea... I used to run around the house after my brother pulling off this move! Then he'd come back with the one hundred slap- ouch!
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