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SHURIKEN: vehicle concept 2of3


Thanks alot for kind responses on previous installment, SHURIKEN: cruiser mode.^^ some of you indeed went extra miles to get me generous 2 cents and thats always great help! once again, thanks muchly, and love muchly people!

Featuring Epitaph, of NTS as model.

i know many of you had big Q dialogue bubbles over your head, thinking is it possible to drive this thing??? my answer is yes! why not just drive, when you can climb damn walls with it! fold the damn bike in half and you can squeeze several of these in your garage.
basic physical concept is the same as a Skateboard. initially, ancient skateboard was simply a board with wheels, but people who play with it created all this technical moves, tricks you can do on it. This bike serves same purpose. you can create your own special tricks with it, just in much bigger scale.
so far my short list of tricks are: climbing 2 story building ninja style...... pinching evil final boss with both wheels..... dodging misiles coming from the side (kunkka's idea, thx!) etc etc.

[link] -----DETAILS

anyways,,, now you have fresh new fish on the chopping board! hope you like it!
initial prototype sketch done on 1999 (right bottom corner,) discovered, retouched, redesigned and rendered 04

mechanical pencil .5 on paper
concept art by HOON copyright and all rights reserved. (c) timescape manifesto
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perfect masterpiece i know your work from pinterest but its amazing find you here woooow!!!!
really nice.
Not sure if your art was inspired by the Japanese anime Rideback, or it was your independent idea.
but either way, it's brilliant work. :)
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so very awesome
MyZombiePanda's avatar
how do you create such detailed pieces? they are amazing!!!!
BeserkNINJA's avatar
i want one
great piece
BeserkNINJA's avatar
Sweeteener's avatar
Wow... Beautiful!
SparkletteMachina's avatar
That looks amazing! :)
Both the character and the shuriken...Overal...this is...*gawks* :wow:
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Magnifique, bravo!
Psychorobo's avatar
so great!!
jon3zz's avatar
looking nice.
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I know this is old work, but I'd like to say how much I like the design anyway. =)
Hergman's avatar
after the vehicle mode, next is the robot mode :lol:autobot or decepticon? :rofl:
zewhatcher's avatar
It looks like a painful position to be in. :(
Saagu's avatar
lol thats mad!!
artweller24's avatar
Really amazing!
Artsend's avatar
oh the insanity
Grevlis's avatar
That is totally insane....I'm just like I want one and I want it in silver and yellow! XD I love it!
Chocorroles's avatar
holy crap this is awesome!
junkyardstrinket's avatar
since it says advanced crituque encouraged, i'll start by saying it could go for sharper shadow/light space.
other than that, i want to say i almost never find vehicles sexy, and this is sexy! WOW
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Very nice design !!!
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