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"Mon cher père, c'est votre dernière confession" Morganne Lefeyétte says.
and she is intend to get a confession out of a currupt priest below her for the last time.

+Lycéenne Fatale+ concept. which i didnt intended as series.
previous lineart was simply "ink-line control" practice on painter8, but overwhelming welcoming from you trigered another piece.
is this what you call fan-service in anime lingo? thanks!

Story of Lycéenne Fatale is coming soon!

edit: i forgot to mention those are the Two biggest........... ehm. you know what.. i ever drawn. yes. :shrug:
[link] : closeup, upclose, whatever you wanna call it.
[link] : previous L-fatale: Ophélie Legralle
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So much Downloads xDDDDD
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Awesome work sir!
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.mm...nice perspective
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nice perspective!! :D
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:noes: It reminds me of Olivere from Fullmetal Alchemist (the manga/Brotherhood series).
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So freaking hot view.
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that one is always epic for me !
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Ur incredible work has a feature here [link]
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^^ nice.....i see pant
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Very hot my friend. Aside from the wild perspective, great color, and dynamic line, the thing that captures my attention the most is (and pardon if it sounds crude) the way her nipples poke through her blouse. Yeeeoow! Hotcha, hotcha hotta!
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well done! good work! :)
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Great artwork.
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cooool !!! i love your style
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It might be just me, but I can totally see her nipples in that shirt. I mean they're right there! Outstanding.
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DUDE, I LOVE IT when TALENTED people make hot chicks!!! *COLLECTED in 'HOT FEMALE art'*
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amazing perspective, great work.
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You should draw one minus the underwear.. xD

This is hot.
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Incredible style and colors!
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