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Knights of the old republic 12

12 has always been my favorite number.

Star wars: Knights of the old republic, issue 12 cover.

the alien pirate attempts at one of those Hollywood style "i shoot the elaborate light fixture, and you get crushed!" but the hero always knows better.

TOOLS: Photoshop CS, Painter, and wacom intuos3

special thanks to stacy, :iconjujika: for smoothing out some of the rough renderings on the characters.
also, this is an alternative version of the cover, where i felt bg was better polished, but due to its storyline, bg had to be revised. this version felt much better in my opinion tho.

Publication Date: January 10, 2007
more info: [link]
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If you are a true KotOR and Revan fan you MUST watch this guys art:…
Excellent work! Ithorians are tough to make look cool, and this is a smashing success! 
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if they make a movie of this.... it would be epic
I Wow too. This is beautifull!!!! Love the coloring. I soooooo suck at coloring. This is pure art (ok, right it's art but you know what I mean).
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Love it! Great sense of movement, nice colours too.
EofS8nts's avatar
Can all this be done with just photoshop alone? Cool.
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stunning colors and action amazing just that
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Your amazing,keep up the god work ;)
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that's great! Don't see very Ithorian baddies. I like how the blaster pistols look more like current-day pistols. Very cool!
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the best lain plans
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Sadly, the Kotor comics are inedited here in my country...
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wow, this is truly fantastic!
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the lighting on this is really nice and the action is great to boot
sweet job woooh!
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Amazing cover Hoon. :worship:
I reaaly dig your art man...
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is that a Moomo brother?
i though they were allies with Carrik (for a little while atleast)
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Epically Awesome!
Frazzled-Niya's avatar
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i already signed up for the mmorpg :)
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