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Knights of the old republic 11

Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic issue 11 cover art.

friends at Dark Horse comics once again invited me to create a couple of cover illustrations for KOTOR covers. this is one of two i was privilege to anticipate. i know its been quite a while ago,but i thought i would share anyways.

couple of none-earthly-origin pirates, bank-robbers enter into a place where they should not.

TOOLS: photoshop CS, Painter and Wacom Intuos3

Publication Date: December 27, 2006
more info: [link]
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If you are a true KotOR and Revan fan you MUST watch this guys art:…
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I love ow the top Thorian's guns look like futuristic M1911's.
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thought ithorians were pacifist hippies :D
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I thought it looked Star Wars-ey... Holy Crap, I've been glued to the computer looking at your art for hours, and I must say: You are easily one of the best artist's I've seen on all of Deviantart... Keep up the amazing work!
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Awesome picture
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Your art skills are amazing, I would kill to have them! ;) a good way. LOL
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Awesome, totally dig it!
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you made this cover?
wow, its once of my favorite
im honored to find the artist of this cover on DA
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LOL, Ithorians have changed when I wasn't looking. In the old, good Star Wars I love they are pacifist and vegetarians... :P
Anyway, great pic... :-)
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They're outcasts though
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really interesting blend between graphic and painting here - nice!
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Wonderful, i love the angle.
But that decoration projects a shadow like if it had no thickness. ;)
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lol those guys got no screen time in the moviez.
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Wicked perspective!
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