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Kei, Ninja girl illustration was done for a package design for ball jointed action figure created by Local toy company Triad toys.
i never got paid for this work, and cant seem to get ahold of my client... one of many reasons why i am now a mere employee of video game company ^^;

character was designed by Triad, so i dont claim any involvement in character design process. its a bit plain design for my personal taste, but making a ninja girl beautiful is always fun thing to do.

photshop cs, Wacom intuos3 and tablet computer.
created summer of 2007
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I always love the ninja chain-weapons with the insanely long chains. :D
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I like that ninja girl and her face behindo its amazing
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I just wanted to tell you that [link] is claiming that she drew this image.
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I love how you make faces, especially the eyes.
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Sensational work.
Another in the long line of artists that didn't get paid for their work.
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Amazing work !!!!
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And to top it off, going to their web site drops a virus on you! Great...

*Starts scrubbing his hard drive*

Nice pic though.

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Awesome!!Hm...I might know why you haven't gotten paid...
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At least the fishnet that makes sense.
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"Kei" strong action, great level of detail and the soft color used for the background draw out the main figure. FAv
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i LOVE the flow on that chain. the girl is gorgeous. but i love how the perspective on the chain really brings you into the painting. great job
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nice work!!!Inspiring!!
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I faved this back awhile ago and never made a comment at how stunning the work is. Beautiful.
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Amazing work.

On the legal side...

If they have not paid you for it then it still belongs to you. If this is the case they're in breach of your copyright because it remains your image until you've received payment for it.

If they're actually using this piece of art or have done so in the past then you getting paid is very easy. Go to a copywright lawyer, present your case and they'll put an injunction on it the very next day meaning the client is unable use this image or the toy associated with it.

They'll settle very quickly after that.

In addition you should be able to get a lawyer to be paid from the proceeds rather than having to pay up front. At least it worked like that for a friend of mine.

Hope that helps.

Good luck!
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Great piece man! I don't like the face that people take advantage of artists the way they do, and don't pay us what we really deserve...
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Absolutely great HOON! *hugs you* have a good weekend.
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Very nice rich vibrant colors as well as the character composition the only thing t hat is bugging me just a little bit are how lost the feet get in the piece but it might be an ok thing to I will have to look at it for a little longer and maybe it won't bother me anymore. The skin tone is also really nice too I've been having a lot of fun doing darker skin tones lately.
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i can't almost see the left hand but the pose is cool.
overall a great piece :)
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SWEET!!! Love the coloring in this piece. Very well done.
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