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sure you haven't heard from me for... couple of years now, but that doesn't mean i have forgotten about you! story of my past 2 years will have to be illustrated in another page, but to say the least, i really missed everyone very much. i feel i have grown up to have better understanding of this wonderful art community we call DA, and what it really means to me.

please, stay tuned. tale of my life will unfold for your entertainment, next time you see me.

now, about the picture...
Last year i had privilege to to work with talented indy film director/writer Michael Ojeda, from Reigning Pictures.
this picture, is one of the early visualization of key moment in the story, and developed for cover art for Graphic novel adaptation.

as of now, this Project was put onto SLEEP mode, because both Michael and myself had to move on to different project, but now we feel that new life is being inserted into this potent project. hopefully, on next piece i would be able to tell you more about this project!

JUN - michael Ojeda, HOON.
Reigning pictures.

JUN2: second of its series: [link]

TOOLS: PSCS2, wacom tablet
created in summer of 2007
comments and friendly messages/welcome backs are always appreciated. i am ready to get high from your love.
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I Love this Art!
HueeZhao's avatar
Really Like this one! so amazing!
Vanguard4's avatar
dynmic, exciting. A lot of Details put into the chains. I like it.
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gr8 work much deserved DD
SeersSword's avatar
It Sephiroth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconshockedplz:

*reads title*

Oh phew! :phew:

I love how the ice-flames and hair interact with the rest of the picture :iconheartanimplz:
Could you do a tutorial on how you draw hair :iconprettyplz:
Mangatellers's avatar
This is pure epicness. The hero looks amazing and the uhge samurai spirit looks fantastic. Well done! Amazing work. :D
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i have no clue whats going on but this pic is sooo great i had to put in favs
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This is so cool~!
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A piece with a sense of power, with a great appearance and wonderful design. Well done Hoon, keep up the great work.
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This is completely and utterly EPIC!
firepokemonluva's avatar
Thought I was looking at a screenshot, amazing....*still entranced*
Great Comp and Colours!
MayRoco's avatar
Lovely piece,amazing work!
SnappedWires's avatar
All summer? I bet it took that long to create something as cool as that.
dragonsong17's avatar
wow. this looks awesome.
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