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second illustrations/ Graphic novel cover done for JUN project.

the background space on left meant for wrap around cover.
this image is cropped for this presentation ^^

the center piece of this painting is most certainly Kingo, the thief boy holding up a holy calligraphy (부적, 符籍, a talisman or an amulet) to repel the creeping demon ninja. facial expression captured on the boy is what makes me enjoy what i do.

JUN first of its series: [link]

Michael Ojeda, HOON, Reigning pictures, mess studio

TOOLS: photoshop cs, painter, tablet pc, and wacom intuos
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Epic fight and cool art work.
ultimatede's avatar
easily one of the best artists on da
moment5's avatar
your concepts are so great
joejr2's avatar
battosai72's avatar
man this looks like an epic struggle nice work
ryotigergirl's avatar
love you art work
Apein's avatar
labyrinthium's avatar
absolutely amazing!
Gargu's avatar
Is it a woman?
zombielovejuice's avatar
that chick is badass! :D
CrabTasterMan's avatar
wow didn't know you could type that.
0Anesthetic4u's avatar
That face is what makes you enjoy what you do? It's awful... just awful. It is so two dimensional. I couldn't draw it but considering your level as an artist I wold not be proud of that face.
sesimie's avatar
Looks like a cross between Ninjas & Drizzt.....2 of my favourite subjects
RinggoldAtienza's avatar
It's very powerful I love it.
zJoriz's avatar
Awesome paintwork! Very detailed, action-packed and atmospheric.
Ninjas-of-DA's avatar
No matter what the species, ninjas can always be a formidable opponent in battle.
ukemiokami's avatar
Wow!!! it feels to me like the image should be longer on the right. like you cropped it or somthing
fernandoalvzart's avatar
amazing work
very good, congratulations!!
EikoPinky's avatar
WOW, amazing!!
dell's avatar are still one of the hottest digital artists in here bro...keep it rockin.
khufus's avatar
I love the movement, the sword and the hair
Why are your skills so ridiculous. I mean man if I was that good, I would be scared of my awesome skills. lol No really, great job.
Modernmilk's avatar
really nice. love the boys expression :D
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