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Mess studios' very own mascot Hashi hime, aka Chopstick princess

created and drawn by me, and painted by talented and lovely

this picture has many significance as far as our studios' recent growth is concerned. this character will represent our upcoming online store visual junkyard.
those who bought IMAGINE BOOKS from messs studio/visual junkyard, have got a print of this character design! so some of you may be familiar with this image already ^^

and also
we have created 3D, real life apprx. 9inches tall sculpture for the first time! its a big new step!!!!

having said that, i would like to bring your attention to very talented and very charming artist among us.
is a gem u should keep your eyes on. if you havent seen her work, you havent been searching hard enough to find true talent in this community.
alena, aka Mumbojumbo and i had great time collaborating on this project. it was our first collaboration, and we made such an excellent progress, that our collaborative endeavor will continue. what you see here, and what you see on alena's page is just first step we took together. and yes, please look forward to more stuff in the future!

Hashi hime is created by HOON
this illustration is painted by Stacy, aka Jujika
and it has been sculpted by Alena, aka Mumbojumbo
the purple creature with mysterious grin by the feet of hashi hime... is created by Jujika!

Hashi hime is part of our creative endeavor, and also part of Ninja Talkshow Universe!
(this image is not available for GAME render, or cutout. please do not abuse or distroy art by posting it elsewehre, changing the color of bg, and name it render or cut out. that is crime)

[link] = see mumbojumbo's own deviation! scupted version of hashi hime is one click away
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