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Ashaire-Ninja Talkshow concept

Ashaire, wandering blue blood who is worshiped and followed by homeless and stray dogs.

as you can see, this character is rather detached from rest of the Ninja Talkshow cast in style (lack of eastern infulence in her costume?) but i wanted to add a stand alone tale of a young girl, who was born in a loyal family who travels the harsh side of the world helping those who are in need. eventually building her own army of people in unfortunate circumstances. maybe this could be a tale told in a talk show.

i gotta get to work so i can add too much descriptions now, but i will try to add a little more later.

TOOLS: photoshop cs, painter, wacom intuos3
special thanks to stacy :iconjujika: for laying out the color scheme. created in early 2006
ninja talkshow concept collection
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Lovely-Bacar's avatar
Awesome concept design!
LaFlem's avatar
Really awesome job!
I can imagine her fighting style just with her weapon and her shoes.That would be prety heavy and brutal with a lot of spins,heavy trows,and obviously some fire ball or flame thrower style attack now and then 😀
How is she not burning her hand?
dwhyson's avatar
He outfit looks so cool. Especially the boots!
meccael's avatar
Awesome collection!!!
michelesigh's avatar
love this, keep it up please :D
interesting :)
Kind, a Reminds me of Wen-M Erika (Ok, a girl with a Hammer)
awesome look and impressive tall she is without heels?
Liz-AAA's avatar
Now this is wherry interesting!!!!!
Bobbi-Dee's avatar
Wow. Nice artwork :D
skrewball112's avatar
This joint is NICE!... It reminds me of a kharakter I designed some years back but is now in need of an upgrade, I'll load both old and new soon.
maximaliciuos's avatar
So much penis.. I mean fantastic drawing!
henryanthony's avatar
nice! I love her costume especially her shoes.
Murata's avatar
pretty much what Kim Hyung Tae would draw...
SilentCruise's avatar
SabataS's avatar
I guess its quite hard to walk on those shes :P
Very nice character concept!
Arneart's avatar
Those boots (Sentimental) Since i picked up my drawing after many years it strikes me how hard it is to actually come up with new designs for clothes.
scificat's avatar
Really beautiful, this design is worthy of any fighting game, it would look right at home in SoulCaliburIV
99thbone's avatar
like the grace you give her -- beauty and simplicity -- forever admired -- later days
Flutterby727's avatar
her design is so cool! you rock as always
grumpyestonian's avatar
Those are some very interesting shoes... I really like the color scheme! I think I see a Japanese painting on the inside of her skirt, so it does have SOME Eastern influence.;)
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