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ARIYAN- NTS concept

Ninja Talkshow Character concept #03, ARIYAN

The youngest daughter of Hokuichi Bloodline, the Lord of Sullen dark ninja clan, Ariyan is everything but the kind-hearted. A little sister of Hokukage [link] and Hokugen brothers, She has been one of the most leathal, and silent assassins well known in the industry of assassination. however, her weakness comes from her fragile mentality, firy temper and jealousy towards other talented, and beautiful femme fatals. her agressive persona has brought up many duels in recent years, and that very evil nature also brought EPIPHANY in her proximity which lead her to an end of her own beauty.

This is the third addition to our ninja talkshow concept collection. you can see some of the rawness in design and color, but it was one of early characters we designed, and i particularly liked the expression on her face, so we decided to keep her in the list.
art by HOON and JUJI as usual.

art work from early 2004.

Ninja talkshow (c) HOON and messs associates. ripping is crime.

thanks all for support and comments!
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deviantart is indeed of a treasure trove of art such as this
MiYoung-Ko's avatar
Awesome concept. The whip adds a different side to ninjas that is not used often.
ScriptFx's avatar
Dendory's avatar
She looks awesome!
tymora11's avatar
Love all the details!
henryanthony's avatar
frikin' awesome yo!!!
Gargu's avatar
Not the most practical outfit :)
Keyblade-JR's avatar
kawai-hime's avatar

great job I love the weapon
abigbat's avatar
Very striking, detailed concept painting.
DigiCosmicAngel's avatar
Omgosh! I just love her pose <3
RoninDude's avatar
Your work is amazing! So much detail and originality! I love all the tiny details, it really keeps you looking, and the color schemes are genius!
Absolutely wonderful work!
Oburets's avatar
hohooo! sexy thing! :-D
Darqueshi's avatar
A stunning kuinochi. This piece of art leaves me breathless.
SweetChile's avatar
Wow incredible! That shadow is lovely.:)
Darkdesyre's avatar
Used this artwork in an article here... [link]
Zixaz's avatar
*clap* *clap* *clap* very nice
cornlee's avatar
amazing coloring
sweat-treats's avatar
I would so love to cosplay as one of your characters!!! :heart:
Morozov's avatar
I love your work. I wanted to ask you about what program do you use to color and shade your art? Im just getting into photoshop, and I wondered if you have any pointers or suggestions for a newbie like me..
SeriousSamm's avatar
damn thats one badass shadow
raphiori's avatar
cooooooooooooooooooooooool is realy cooooooooooooool can you tall me with any software did you draw this [link]
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