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:icons-r-u: - A modern day college Avatar AU.
From left to right: Aang Leekpai, Jane "Smellerbee" Fitzpatrick, Toph Beifong, Sokka Kesuk, Katara Kesuk.
College students chilling out at the beach during break!
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sokka does't want his picture taken, katara trying too hard to be hot, smellerbee,is the only standing up (sit down girl),toph is being lazy and doesn't care, and aang is being cute and awesome as always. Great work love it.
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Aang looks fucking hot! It should be illegal for Aang to look that good. Marvelous job. I love it.  
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Aang is still SUPER HOT and Toph looks like she doesn't care. She is so lazy. LOL 
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They are sooo hot! haha great job!
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Aang looks HOT in this picture. Nice job!

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Aang looks HOT in this picture. Nice job!

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I LOOVE THIS!! It's that Aang?
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This is really good! Love the poses and spot on perspective
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It lools like sokka's wearing nothing LOL
rebelboy316's avatar
Uhh, yea, 'looks like' haha ^^;
lippincottart00's avatar
RRRRIGHTTT ..... yeah i forgot the " " on the looks like
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the way smellerbee is standing makes it look like sokka's going pantless xD
i love this!
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I like how Sokka's shading his face from the sun with his hand. It makes it look that much more like somebodies taking a picture of them.
Wow this really captures summer and really catches each one of them.
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The ladies in this are too insanely hot not to Fave. Beautiful job, especially on Katara with her smile!
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Why is Smellerbee, a character I first thought was freaking guy, all of a sudden smoking hot?
Destiny-Smasher's avatar
Because she's older in my story. And also a red-head. With freckles.

Oh, and, er...the artist drew the picture from a high angle and seemed to give her boobs an upgrade when he drew this? xD I think maybe that plays a part.

If you like this version of Smellerbee, there's a whole LOT of her in the SRU art gallery: [link]
NoLongerInvisible's avatar
Love how Jane looks, haha it looks like Sokka's naked, and are they looking at anyone in particular?
Destiny-Smasher's avatar
I guess they're technically looking at...erm...a camera? I usually think of these groupshots as like photographs or something when I commission them.
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Omg, I love Smellerbee in this! Awesome perspective, beautiful colors. Well done! :+fav:
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