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Happy new year!
Favorite heroes in modern dress
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They look great in Modern clothes! Well Done!
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I want... All of Katara's clothes, Toph's jacket, All of Aang's clothes, Sokka's hat, and Zuko's clothes. Excellent job! :)
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i'Ll definitely read that fic someday
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Its SUPER!! :D Merry Christmas ;)  (=>:D)
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I adore this! I want all their clothes XD I really love all your work! I only recently found it and I'm definitely going to keep watching your stuff! It's pretty fantastic! I love your style and would LOVE to be able to work like you do. 
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Love your Toph version here ! Aang is nice too !
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Nice job on the modern winter clothes!
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I love Zuko's jacket. I want it. Also, Aang's boots. Plus, Damn Katara!
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Lol Toph looks like a mini gangster
I'm thinking of a story that sends the Gaang into the ninjago universe and meet the ninja,have to find
and ancient jewel to get back and to get used to the modern world!
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It bring back good memories.
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I LOOVE IT!!!! soo amazing!!
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WOW! This is so awesome! Amazing job, I have to say.
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I ship Zutara, but this is so pretty! And the contemporary aspect is nice, too, which is surprising because I normally hate it when the Gaang is put in modern times. Well done!
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Woah, I really love this!
I usually hate the contemporary versions of the gaang, but this I like. Well done!
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ahh this is nice :)
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This is ridiculously adorable and fantastically awesome.

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They all look so cute!
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