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HoodJinx,and associated subspecies are a Closed Species by kiwi-rot! (Formerly WhispersWillow)
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RatTheLoser Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2022
Is there a discord I can join?
urbanfangs Featured By Owner Edited Sep 22, 2022
I'm almost done with my HJ I think, and I realized there's no approval center, or I'm just blind (I don't have discord)
kiwi-rot Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
approval center is here! Redesign and Design Approval
urbanfangs Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2022
a - a little Late for that but ty :,D
SecretArtist355 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2022
What type of art is this?
urbanfangs Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2022
There’s no specific type of “art” here this is a closed species meaning you cannot make one on your own, you can gain one form buying a myo or adopts, and there’s prompts usually monthly.
urbanfangs Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2022
Will there ever be anymore free MYO event :o? Just asking because I wanna become more active in this group because I love the species <3
kiwi-rot Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We most likely won't ever have a free MYO event like the one made when the species first began but we will always host ways to earn free MYOs through events and such!
spacedoutdoodlebug Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i was wondering about getting my goorumi design checked. i have the design finished but i wanted to make sure it was given the go ahead to start uploading and using! i know dA has a problem with eating inbox/notifications.
WolfLover7274 Featured By Owner May 22, 2022   Digital Artist
If you can buy myos in points, how much do the myos cost? (Saving up pts right now)
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