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Ekko the Hitman ~ trigger warning ~ by HoodedMango Ekko the Hitman ~ trigger warning ~ by HoodedMango
This is my creepy pasta oc, I know it's not original so don't call me out on it.

Name: Ekko Garcia
Best friend: Kai Newberry
Likes: music, being busy, scarfs, and red.
Dislikes: her dad, being lazy, chokers, and pink.
~ the story is in Ekko's point of view ~
It all started when I was in 3rd grade, when I met Kai, he was my best friend and only friend. He went through the same thing as me, his parents were abusive but he disposed of them in a dark way.

When I came home the day I broke i was 8, Kai said he would be there to help me, he hid away, while my dad got home he was drunk, as always. My father came closer, he slapped me on my right eye than he tried to hit me again than Kai ran into him and knocked him over. My father was knocked out cold.

Kai said everything was gonna be okay to me, he told me just to pull the trigger so I did because he was my best friend.
I heard a faint scream than I saw that my father was gone, I had passed out after I shot him so Kai dragged him out of the house.

After I did that, me and Kai did that to more people who did us wrong. We thought we were doing the world a favor, till more people asked us to do it to people and paid us. We killed from 12-60 year olds.

One day me and Kai wondered into the woods when we saw a tall man, he scared me but not Kai, Kai was a broken person. The man said for us to follow him, Kai dragged me because I didn't want to go. I have no idea why slender didn't kill us, Kai was a good manipulator, maybe he caused it.
I hope you like her I'll be making Kai soon, sorry is there is bad English in here.
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