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Nurakan, My Company

Homepage Screenshot of my own company website, previously named Kannkur but changed the name later as per some fellow designers' suggestion to Nurakan!!

The site isn't live yet and I will be making many more changes to it in the future. Comments and critics are most welcome! Thank you!
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thanks a lot!!
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Looks pretty dam good. Would love to see it all coded. Tempted to do it myself for practice. Looks like fun.
If I was to suggest anything I would say contrast. There is a tenancy to make text no as high contrasting for aesthetics which makes i less practical. [link]

The buttons at the bottom for view more I don't think work. I'm not sure what it is I don't like about them though. Perhaps replacing them with a arrow scroll button.

Ace website though.
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Thanks a lot, I'll consider your suggestions for sure!!