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Sherlock, Moriarty

Sherlock, Moriarty
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...makes me wonder what it would be like if there was some threat SO BIG, so ..something.. that it would require BOTH Sherlock and Moriarty to Work TOGETHER to solve it?!?!?
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>passive aggressive tea-time
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I love EVERYTHING about this. (And one of my favorite scenes.)
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perfect light effect :D
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This is amazing!
I love how much depth there is to it and how the light reflects off the cups :D
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You are possessed of genuine talent! Your ability to bring depth and definition to your subjects is something most "artists" would consider a deal with the unholy to command. If you do not have an agent, nor had a gallery showing, I would strongly urge you to consider it. Perhaps an appearance at a Comic Con? I would certainly attempt to bankrupt myself purchasing your work!

One small request? Your methods and materials? Not that I'd care if it were a crayon and a diner napkin, I'm just a bit curious... Thanks again for sharing all of your amazing art with us! Please continue...
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Gorgeous work - I love it :deviation:  
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They deserve to have a small break from trying to kill each other and talk over some tea. ^_^ Very well done!
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"And honey you should see me in a drawing by hoo0"
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Love every detail from the lightning and shadows to the things on mantelpiece! :D 
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There are no words to express how incredibly beautiful this is. <3 
I honestly thought this was a pictures. :D
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Wow wow wow, this is crazy awesome. I don't even know where to begin
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the detective and the bad guy have a TEAPARTY! :-)
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This is just GORGEOUS!
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Très beau travail !!!!!!
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dat lighting tho! winOMB 2 ~ Yay Sherlock icon ~ 
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Absolutely brilliant...the lighting is mad!!!
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This is absolutely magnificent. :)
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