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Yesterday I asked about auctions, but received neither positive nor negative feedback. And I'm wondering what this has to do with it.

My audience is not interested in the auction opportunity as such?

Are you interested in auctions, but there is no trust in charity auctions?

Any other reasons?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hello everyone!
In our country there are many rumors about how benefits are paid in the United States and other countries. I mean, direct payments by the state to help citizens. For example, $ 1,200 in the US, assistance in European countries.
Have you personally received such payments? On what terms? Do you need to return this amount later to the state?
I would be grateful for honest answers, because we have a lot of speculation on this topic.
I know from our news that in many countries citizens are simply given money so that they can quarantine and not leave their homes. There are still no such payments in our country; our authorities call this "populism." In our case, citizens want to get at least about 20 thousand Russian rubles (about 270 US dollars) per adult from the government. Also around $ 135 for a child. This idea meets with great resistance from the government.

Thank you :)
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Dishonest buyer

4 min read
I just want to share a very sad and unpleasant story that happened recently.

Perhaps this is not diplomatic. And unprofessional. But hell, I'm very, very upset and disappointed. The most offensive is that this is a stab in the back from a regular customer who has several very important for me sculptures in his collection.

It all started with the fact that during the current sale (10% discount), the buyer asked to refund $ 10 from the last order. The client motivated this by the fact that he bought a pair of creatures (a mother with a baby Liontari), which supposedly costs more than an adult creature and a baby separately in total.
At the same time, despite the formal courtesy “I would appreciate it,” this person used pressure to appeal to my honesty and to the fact that I had already bought a lot of things in my store.

I was saddened by such pettiness and such a manipulative approach (especially since this couple has a slightly more complicated painting than the others in my store), but I refunded $ 10, having decided that it’s not worth spoiling relations with a regular customer because of such a trifle . In addition, I saw no reason for a person to deceive me, so I did not check. I decided that I myself mixed up the prices and myself was to blame for the situation.

The next day, I decided that I should correct the mistake and recalculate the prices of these creatures in my store, so as to prevent a recurrence. What was my amazement and disappointment when I saw that a couple is still cheaper and not more expensive!


Liontari1 by hontor

Prices without discount:
Set - 140 dollars.
Big - 80 dollars
Small - 65 dollars.
80 + 65 = 145 dollars. That is, individually, they would cost $ 5 MORE, and not less.

Prices with 10% discount:
Set - 126 dollars
Big - 72 dollars
Small - $ 58.5

58.50 + 72 = 130.5
130.5-126 = 4.5. This is a slightly smaller difference, but the kit again costs less than individually.

I wrote about this to the buyer, providing all the calculations, and asked where the person got these 10 dollars. Yes, I was upset, so I was not perfectly diplomatic. I wrote that I believe that a person did not do this on purpose, but asked him not to do so anymore, because it poisons our relationship.

In response, I received a very annoyed and resentful letter. Allegedly, the requirement to return the money was just a matter and I should not have returned anything. And that there was no mistake, because the pair costs 140, and separately 72 and 58 (in fact, 58.50 - even in such nonsense a person deceived me and rounded the amount in his favor). However, the price of $ 140 without discount for listing with a pair of creatures, and 130 (130.50) - a discount price for the two separate creatures together. In fact, the buyer paid $ 126 per pair, and it is cheaper than 130.50.

I provided the buyer with all the calculations.

"You paid $ 364.5 for the three figures, although the amount without a discount was $ 405.
Without discount:
140 (Liontari) + 155 (Cat dragon) + 110 (Plantelope) = 405
With discount:
126 (Liontari) + 139.5 (Cat dragon) + 99 (Plantelope) = 364.5
+18 dollars delivery = 382.50"

Liontari by hontor

Do you think I heard an understanding? No, I heard that I am a nasty person with a lot of problems, and the buyer has nothing to apologize for, and there was no mistake.

I may have a lot of problems. But certainly not with math. And you yourself can conclude who is the nasty person here. The one who believed in the word to a regular customer and immediately returned the money. Or the one who received all the calculations, but even “didn’t see” the mistake and the problem.
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Many believe that criticism will help to do a better work. But there is one very important nuance: the work can be done better ALWAYS.

X F727c837 by hontor

- At first, the schoolboy will come and say "faugh! What the crap...?"
- Then the sofa critic will come and say "legs of different lengths, neck is too short".
- Then the teacher will come to the rural art school and say "the thigh muscle of irregular shape".
- Then the teacher of the prestigious art university will come and say "in motion this muscle will perform one more tenth of a millimeter".
- Then the art historian will come and say "you are a good master, but your work lacks style / dynamics / work with textures".
- Then the world recognized genius will come and say...
And so on.

And they will all be right - each in his own stage. Any author can do any work better. This applies even to the classics - they are the same people, just popular.
But only the author himself can decide how much his work should become better.
Yes, there is a chance that, having spent months and years, you will still make an unsurpassed masterpiece. One. But, first, you probably will not do anything with such an approach than create a masterpiece. And secondly, for all these years you will lose the opportunity to talk about what excites you right now. And not at the moment when you started this masterpiece.
There is no "right choice", each option has its own price to pay. One thing is constant: you can always do a better work. But is it always necessary for you personally, as the author?

That is why (and for many other reasons) criticism in the modern world is meaningless. Except when the person himself, voluntarily and consciously, asks for advice.

However, in the world there are a lot of senseless things that are done just for fun. Comrades critics, treat your hobby honestly - you need it. And this hobby can cause quite natural irritation - like a violin at three in the morning from a neighboring apartment. Drop the stupidity of the fact that your occupation brings public benefit - and negotiate with people personally about the limits of what is permissible. There will always be people who need you for who you are - tactful or tactless, requested or unsolicited. And people whom you do not need at all, in any form, according to any "public rules".
I mainly observe such battles from the side, and often notice how people who take on the role of critic are offended. "I'm polite and on the topic, but they ...! Shame on them!"
It's simple. These critics are faced with a living person, and not with a social function.

Personal growth of the author consists of very many factors. In which the criticism can be in one hundred and fifty. Much more important is the true love of his cause.
I want to appeal to people who give others unsolicited criticism: do not be afraid, the world will not collapse, if "these lazy authors" do not kick for the public good. On the contrary, the world will become much happier if you honestly kick them for your own good, and they will honestly fight back. Or, on the contrary, honestly say thank you.
And - in secret - you yourself will become happier.

Returning to the original question "how to make your work better", if you set yourself the following goal:

- Choose a topic that touches you. Whatever you sincerely want to do well. What you voluntarily make an effort. Use natural motivation. Be a tomboy who wants to go to the park and climb the tallest tree. He doesn't care that his parents scold him. His desire outweighs all fears of falling. And even if he does not climb to the top, he will still receive a lot of pleasure from the process of achieving his goal!

It is on such works that are done with itching in the hands and natural motivation that you will best raise your level, because you will really try. Frankly speaking from my own experience, not all of these works are good. And not even all the works are completed. I have a bunch of abandoned blanks in the cabinets that have not become finished. Not because they were bad then, but because they did not work out. Or it has ceased to be relevant. Or something distracted and knocked down concentration.
This is not some kind of obligation to take and make a masterpiece. This is only the application of natural forces, the embodiment of desires. Do you think children just throw a bunch of things that are left undone? That's the same...

- Look for workshops for a specific task. Sometimes, of course, it is useful to just search-inspire. But learning is what you need at the moment, and not everything in a row. So the skill will be fixed faster and more reliably.

- Inspire the masters, but compare only your work - old and new.

- Do not cripple others (and at the same time yourself). Pass by what you are not interested / do not like. A crooked cast brooch is not an attack by a thug in the gateway, there is no need to interfere.

- And yes, you know, some healthy unscrupulousness does not hurt. I often hear something like "I am ashamed to show my work." With this approach, you will always be ashamed, even if you create a masterpiece. Learn to enjoy what you are doing. At least in the details.

- Determine the degree of completion of your work yourself. Remember that you can always sit a couple more hours, weeks, months, years. And that work can be done better always. But it is better if the work will be a little unfinished, than will remain only in unfulfilled dreams.

Sorry for any errors, I use Google translator.

Yours sincerely,
Evgeny Hontor
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Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

This is a series of my works, the inspiration for which was the film "Alien: Covenant", as well as the continuation of this story in our worlds. The character of Titmouse (and one of eagles) was created by my friend Eva Odinez.

Eagle and Titmouse - Birth in the new nest by hontor

«My initial attitude towards Titmouse — “I’d strangle him with my own hands!” — at some moment transformed into “I’ll tear off the hands of anyone who dares touch him”. As we got to know the details of his story I came to respect him. I even felt admiration.
What else was perceptible in Titmouse was his eternal trust in the world, his belief that life is not only about suffering and injustice. Despite all his wounds, despite all the pain and fatigue he was radiating the principle that life is worth living.
And he was able to admit his mistakes. Without losing his self-respect or betraying his inner sense of justice».

Unfortunately, it is too difficult for me to write this story in English. I can only say that the image of tits means a person (he was not in the film, but he was one of those sleeping on the ship - "Covenant"). All eagles are the androids of the David and Walter series. In two pictures, this is David (in the “Atonement” picture) and Walter (in the “Blind justice” picture). In almost all other cases, the eagle means another android of this series, Wayne.

Finished artworks:

Fading by hontor Broken birds by hontor Liberation by hontor

Fury by hontor Blind Justice by hontor Compassionate vulture by hontor

Long Shadows by hontor Atonement by hontor Fire Spirit by hontor

Spark by hontor Happy Birthday, little bird! by hontor Titmouse raptor by hontor

Revenge by hontor Return by hontor Halloween with the hell bird by hontor

When the winter is still far by hontor Will you come back? by hontor

Inner demons by hontor Father's shadow by hontor Lonely children by hontor

Winter light by hontor Hug and warm up by hontor

Mini-series "Experiment". History of Wayne's life in seven shots.

Experiment (I) Born not for life by hontor Experiment (II) - Contact by hontor Experiment (III) - Together by hontor

Experiment (IV) - Conflicts by hontor  Experiment (V) - Impulse wave by hontor  Experiment (VI) - Broken by hontor  Experiment (VII) - Experiment closed by hontor

Sketches and blak & white drawings:

Lonely children - Inktober 2018 day 5 by hontor Born not for life - Inktober 2018 day 15 by hontor

Fading - Inktober2018 day 1 by hontor Blind Justice - Inktober 2018 day 14 by hontor Compassionate vulture - Inktober 2018 day 11 by hontor Father's shadow - Inktober 2018 day 17 by hontor

Spark - Inktober 2018 day 9 by hontor Long Shadows - Inktober 2018 day 7 by hontor Will you come back? - Inktober 2018 day 2 by hontor

Younglings - Inktober 2018 day 11 by hontor  The escape - Inktober 2018 day 16 by hontor  Xenomorph and winter birds (WIP) by hontor

Hug and warm up (sketch) by hontor

Other stuff with eagles and tits:

Little titmouses by hontor Memory by hontor

Young Eagle in progress by hontor Eagle and Titmouse in progress by hontor

Other "In progress" photos:

Untitled by hontor  Untitled by hontor  Untitled by hontor  Untitled by hontor
Untitled by hontor Untitled by hontor  Untitled by hontor
Untitled by hontor  Untitled by hontor Untitled by hontor
Untitled by hontor  Untitled by hontor  Untitled by hontor  Untitled by hontor
Untitled by hontor

Eagle and Titmouse - Birth in the new nest - finished:

Eagle and Titmouse sculpt - Birth in the new nest by hontor 017 by hontor
004 by hontor  010 by hontor   012 by hontor 

Magazine project:

Magazine about Eagle and Titmouse by hontor

You can pre-order the English version of the magazine-artbook about these two here: www.etsy.com/listing/674560800…

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by LilySanches
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