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Luarill - the first of the Created Worlds. The history of the worlds themselves will explain later. I can only say that the worlds were not created human beings, but beings who created the worlds, were know with the planet Earth. For them, it was alluring fantasy. As for the people - Atlantis or Middle Earth. So there are people in the worlds and creatures similar to humans. So many images of the Earth's culture, biology, etc.
Birds Grove by hontor Thoughts of the past by hontor
Outskirts of Beast Grove by hontor Hunter by hontor
Luarill - "the cradle of demiurges." A world where all the conditions for spiritual growth. Training ground for future creators.

  Introduction: Created Worlds
Estrarra, a planet, is where the history of the Created Worlds began. It is associated with Earth in a special way. There was a similar evolution and Esvarra's telepathists have an unidirectional mental connection to Earth's inhabitants. This connection isn't completelly investigated, but it had a great impact on the civilizations of Esvarra.
The haynas are main intelligent species of the planet. By their phisiology they are more primitive than humans and more closer to baboons, than the anthropoids. Haynas have (like the most mammals of Esvarra) empathy and telepathy, specific "nonclosed" brain. This biological feature allows them to create a mental connection with their own kind or with other animals, and so they have collective intelligence (not the mind, the mind of each one is individual). Haynas create conditions and because of them all mammals-empaths have access to a shared intellectual resource and become reasonable. This mechanism appeared unconsciously, like a side effect of
Hayns. How to characterize these creatures from a far away world, Esvarra, in just a single word?
Empaths. Yes, this concept is a foundation of their culture, but it only answers “how?” and “why?” questions and not “what are they like?”
What does an empathy mean for a hayn? An ability to read minds of other's, an ability to feel their emotions. Inability to become distant from other creature's pain, great compassion toward other's suffering. A weird combination of collective intellect and individual reason.
Intellect and reason are not synonyms, at least in hayns' case. For example, let's take a computer: intellect is it's capacity, operative memory. Reason is all programs that use an electric “brain” as their main source. Intellect is capacity, reason is an algorithm. First one is impersonal, it's only responsible for complicated processes that a brain is capable of processing. Algorithms can be changed, overwritten and corrected. New pr
Hayns: biological and ethological background
Here I’m going to indicate basic unique features of hayns and lionars in short, partially elucidating, but not going deeper in history of their development.
Hayns – highly-specialized empaths. This means they can directly feel emotions and thoughts of their kinsmen and other animals; also they can transmit their own feelings and thoughts.
Empathy - characteristic of a class, not the species or even detachment. All mammals of Esvarra, unlike birds, predatory dinosaurs (raptors) and less evolved creatures, have empathy in one way or another. The special sense organ – empathic hair – evolved from wool on head and neck.
In the early phase Empathy gave a great advantage for herbivorous, insectivore and granivorous animals, scavengers as well. But it became an obstacle to the progress of full-fledged predators, which accounts for a peculiar specific structure of Esvarra’s fauna in h
  Hayns: attitude to death and to war
Attitude to death.
Hayns have very complex and ambivalent attitude to death. Unlike humans, hayns do not regard death as a mystery- every single hayns knows for sure what a living creature feels when dying. Despite all the advantages, empathy and telepathy have a downside as well- other's sufferings feel like their own, inability to divide anyone into "outsiders" or "their own" groups. It is easy to kill one of their kind by turning him into a rival in their mind, which is a salvatory for the psyche, but completely impossible for an empath action. This conflict is a foundation of hayns' belief system. Their whole culture is a search for a compromise between death and life, between strong empathy towards one's pain and a necessity to kill.
Therefore, everything related to death is strictly ritualized. Hayns' rituals are like the opposite of compassion, from the side they may seem cruel and barbaric and their attitude to those sentenced to death may seem even more cruel than human
Hayns: priest institute
Usually the most sensitive, black hayns become priests. They find it difficult to kill, in a way it's even mor difficult for them to kill that to their tribesman, however empathy won't allow them to walk by somebody's sufferings. That kind of priest was the famous Hotis. All later cultures tied to be like him. Sometimes those who have predatory tendencies, who still show a will to kill despite the emotional paint become priests too. (Harro was like that). Those whose fur is lighter than average are usually not allowed to become priests, though among them are more 'predators'. Priests are those who have right to kill and do that often and publicly. They must also live up to certain ethnic standards. For example, they must have high sensitivity along with cold-bloodedness, have abilities of mental control, persuasion, perfect temper and self-control. Priests have very long and complicated learning process. Most are often eliminated during the process of learning.
Priest must not be insen
Priest as a grant of morality
Priest's interaction with his aros in sot limited only by ritual killings and the preservation of the identety of the dying one. The bond between them is very deep and strong, almost regimental (as it would seem from the first sight). Priest keeps alive ethical atmosphere of the group. Through him happens imprinting of all ethical paradigms. In a way society 'gives' the priest carte blanch to form morals of the whole aros.
However, it's not a simple phenomenon. Priest does not simply give the note (this is more like a second phase). First phase is a public treaty with all members of aros. A treaty that decides what will be morally accepted in the particular society and what not. Priest only accepts the ready paradigm from society and it's his responsibility to make sure that the treaty is respected and obeyed. The formation of the ethics doesn't happen at once, it happens every day, hour, depending on the situations, results of re-thinking (initiator of which may be every member of aro
Battles with lionars
Once every 6-7 years priests must face a trial with fight. It's a one-on-one battle with a specially trained lionar. It's a very old tradition, that remained unchanged even during the period of blossom of civilization. The key idea is “if you're ready to kill, be ready to die as well”. With a rise of a priest institute, a necessity to somehow hold priests down appeared. Under normal circumstances a priest kills a helpless victim that is not capable of showing resistance. Even the most sensitive hayns with time start feeling permissiveness, impunity. A trained killer who is able to paralyse enemy's will soon can become a thread to society.
A legend says that once a priest, blinded by power and permissiveness, took control over his aros by force and was ruling it in a very cruel way. He was killing his tribesman for absolutely insignificant reasons, only so that he could see death again and again. Hayns weren't able to do anything to stop him- a priest was very powerful and c

Sacred groves, Asanta, - the beauty and pride of Luarill.
Luarill characters Asanta by hontor
Asanta in the structure of the world play the role similar to the role of the central nervous system and hormones in living organisms - the coordination, supervision and support. 15 Asanta clans, distributed by elemental Threes (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and the highest - Ether, quintessence). These numbers (3,5,15) is subordinate to almost everything in Luarille - the seasons, holidays, number of days per month and moons in the sky. Asanta themselves, but varhals and varhalions (demiurges) combine elements of plants and animals. The majority - half-trees, grown into the ground and braided branches. They form the sacred groves (such clans 10, ten sacred groves). Others do not turn in half-trees and do not form a grove, but still have in their appearance plant items (such clans of Asanta 3).

All Asanta (except varhals and varhalions) pass through three stages of metamorphosis. In one of these stages, they are certainly associated with allami, residents groves. Most often they are riding animas, but there are a few exceptions. Not all are becoming keepers, many do not leave their riders. Then they go along in the suite of the demiurge, to new worlds.

Examples of metamorphosis Asanta:
Saalair evolution by hontor Haarag evolution by hontor Metamorphosis of Sangares by hontor

Varhals and varhalions (solar and twilight side of the demiurge) are both clans Asanta, and the highest stage of spiritual development in Luarill. This creators of worlds, leaving the cradle. Varhals and varhalions become Asanta themselves, the representatives of any of the other 13 clans.

Ether Three

1. Warhal
Luarill characters: warhal by hontor Creation by hontor Dance by hontor Lucifer by hontor To kill a dragon by hontor

2. Warhalion
Luarill characters: warhalion by hontor Sower by hontor Sower - air clay by hontor

3. Warrol
Luarill characters: waroll by hontor Luarill characters: warl by hontor> Luarill characters: waylar by hontor> Luarill characters: waroll by hontor

Fire Three

4. Saalair
Saalair Rrahantael by hontor Young Saalair horse by hontor Twilight of Magic Forest by hontor
Sarr by hontor> Saar by hontor> Saalair Rrahantael by hontor

5. Haarag
Luarill characters: haarag by hontor Dragon tree by hontor
Haarag evolution: Akanta Har by hontor> Haarag evolution: Asanta Har by hontor> Luarill characters: haarag by hontor
The sacred flower of Haarags - Aytuan:
Aytuan by hontor

6. Haar
Luarill characters: haar by hontor Amber sunset by hontor
Haares evolution: haaz by hontor> Haares evolution: haal by hontor> Luarill characters: haar by hontor

Water Three (not yet completed)

7. Kaar
Luarill characters: kaar by hontor Fantasy Sea by hontor

8. Ceeron
Luarill characters: ceeron by hontor

9. Ceelir
Luarill characters: ceelir by hontor

Air Three

10. Lovaar
Luarill characters: lovaar by hontor Warre by hontor> Waar by hontor> Luarill characters: lovaar by hontor

11. Laar
Luarill characters: laar by hontor Luarill characters: larr by hontor> Laor by hontor> Luarill characters: laar by hontor

12. Laarg
Luarill characters: laarg by hontor Eternal twilight by hontor Larg by hontor> Lagra by hontor> Luarill characters: laarg by hontor

Earth Three

13. Drear
Luarill characters: drear by hontor
(not yet completed)

14. Ronor
Luarill characters: ronor by hontor Luarill characters: ron by hontor> Evolution of Ronors, roon by hontor> Luarill characters: ronor by hontor

15. Sangar
Luarill characters: sangar by hontor Saen by hontor> Luarill characters: sangr by hontor> Luarill characters: sangar by hontor

Other creatures of the Worlds Creation:

Dragons, or Luarill Nest. The founder of Nest - Rihard Dark Gold. His friend Heinrih. And the other dragons.
Rihard Dark Gold by hontor Zigrih Dark Harmony Black dragon sculpture by hontor Heinrih and Black Sea by hontor Dragon Heorg by hontor Ornamental dragon Johan by hontor Emil by hontor

1. Llaumer Pearl. Beast-Mage, created one of the demiurge in a gift to a friend. Familiar and riding animal.
2. Arrahant, the werewolf with the ability to hypnosis. Lightning on his skin could move to hypnotize.
The representative of one of the races in Takeran. 3. Snow. The representative of the exterminated race Defenders. Actually in this picture he embellished. In fact, it's wicked, quarrelsome, skinny, lame and one-winged whoreson. On the rare stiff mane and nasty character. 4. Chernysh. Kindred of Snow.
Snow Beast by hontor Llaumer by hontor Arrahant - new by hontor
Blacky by hontor

Merrahu. Something about it in the appropriate text on the first image.
Three higher power of Created Worlds by hontor Merrahu by hontor Merrahu portalion by hontor

Feyalar. The goddess of death and snow at one of the worlds.
Feyalar Ref by hontor

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