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Let's go on with the theme of plagiarism. I promised to write how I regard copying my works. The answer is: very positive. I treat this like... well, fan-art based on my creations, it's normal. If someone makes money on it - excellent, it means that the "fan-artist" is really gifted then. When someone interprets my works - it's like expanding of myself in the world. More of "me" in the Universe! What's wrong with it? Glad for it. Will I ban figurines with curves, patterns and twirls like mine? That's impossible. Can you repeat my plots? Of cause. Copy my figurines totally? With a pleasure. Sell them?

Why I'm so kind? Simple. If your do it bad, your activity won't harm mine. Maybe you'll learn something valuable when copying and become genius over time - I'll be proud. If your level of works is similar to mine, I'll try to invite you in my studio and we'll share orders - there's so many of them, I'll be happy if someone lift some burden from me so I can give myself to my private and experimental projects.
That principle works even if you have separate business - then customers those were unease with my refusals or prices will be able to get what they want in another place. I couldn't satisfy everyone anyway - why should I prohibit copying?

Do I need a share? Some small percent? Well, it will be nice and maybe honest, however I will not run after you with curses and cries "gimme my money!" Heh. Too busy, sorry - let your conscience be my advocate.

Is it possible to "rob" something from me this way? My technique, my style, my plots? - OMG I'll be totally looted!.. Nonsense. I'm not twirls on my figures, and I'm not a separate style. I'm not plots as well, you guess... Or you have some high technologies to steal the whole personality? Science can't do such tricks, as I know. I changed techniques and styles many times in my life, do you think it might stop one day? Well, there are hoards of plots in my head - even if I stop invent new ones, things I haven't embodied yet are enough to make me busy for the rest of my life. With years, all that was adopted from me will become archaic version of me, nice and nostalgic fan-art...
There's too many of me to be avarice and prohibit to reflect me.

However... There are two ways of using my creations those I condemn.
1. When someone show picture of my work under one's own name - not just copy my work, but take the authorship on what is done by my hands. That's the plagiarism as is.
2. When my work is used as logo of some juridical person or a part of a large business project. Please ask me first - usually it's easy to get my permission for non-commercial use or agree upon the price for commercial ones... But if you're not juridical person and your project is not commercial - you don't need even to ask. Indeed, you'll save my time if you don't! Game "avatars", personal sites, forum games, simulators, amateur movies, fan-art and non-commercial banners - all
of these is ok.

Finally, the most important thing. If someone will badger, chase or annoy people who do something "like my works", I'll kick some butts - openly. However, don't hesitate to send me links on such creative - I fond of fan-art based on me. Until you tease authors. That's not an option, please take it in account.

About plagiarismI think it's better to say once and clear the things forever.
I understand that the topic of authorship is painful for all (almost all) of creators. But sometimes people can't tell plagiarism from something that isn't, moreover - accuses others for something that isn't even an adoption.
The typical case: "Pegasus and seagulls" work of my studio. It was called "blatant ripoff" (cite) of :iconcreaturesfromel: works.

With works by this author I have a long history. But I had drawn patterns long before I saw works of Ellen June, and patterns also was my chosen way in sculpturing long before that.
Guess when I painted pictures below? The first ones are of age of 13-15, the last ones - 2007. And it was the end of 2008 when I started to work on the sculpture. It's in the limits of objectiveness to say that my "Ellen-like style" has some very authentic history and roots (or it hasn't?)

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I'm glad you have such a good view on this issue that has become a major problem on this site. People love pointing fingers at artists saying they stole ideas from other artists while so many do fan-art which in effect is stealing an idea to make art. I have grown extremely annoyed at people who bash artists for stealing ideas. Don't even get me started on the closed species that some digital artists love to produce. Good on you and keep making your beautiful sculptures!