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Yes, there is in Luarill train. More precisely, one train. He walks both in the world, and through the worlds. At the train has a name - "Anubis-911"
The view from the train window at the Grove Beast. The train is not on the ground and by air - the invisible rails, filaments, penetrating the worlds. Bird's-eye view. Zaalair (great for) reaches a height of 120 meters (this is relatively small, only 80 meters) up to a mile in length. This grand spectacle!

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Information about the world Luarill:
LuarillLuarill - the first of the Created Worlds. The history of the worlds themselves will explain later. I can only say that the worlds were not created human beings, but beings who created the worlds, were know with the planet Earth. For them, it was alluring fantasy. As for the people - Atlantis or Middle Earth. So there are people in the worlds and creatures similar to humans. So many images of the Earth's culture, biology, etc.

Luarill - "the cradle of demiurges." A world where all the conditions for spiritual growth. Training ground for future creators.

Sacred groves, Asanta, - the beauty and pride of Luarill.
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Dremlike is the word. Very nice work.