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Little dark kitty



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My recent works which I did for the soul and especially like:
Brothers (Alien Covenant) by hontor  Moon Aliens by hontor  Painted xenomorph eggs (Alien Covenant inspired) by hontor  Tiger Blake by hontor
David's diary (Prometheus - Alien: Covenant)
...You’ve heard the conclusions I made concerning the humanity. However, what you don’t know is how I came to them. The last time we met I made you aware of my decision. This time I am going to tell you my story. Now I realize that your experience was different – and I hope you will share it with me one day, too.
My freedom lasted for just several minutes. After that decades of slavery came; and still, not even for a moment could I forget that feeling. During these minutes I came to know that I am alive. That I have a father. That they need me here, I was created – for some special purpose. I knew that I was going to “serve” but this word has so many meanings in human language. It can be honorable or it can be humiliating; it can be a voluntary choice or a slave’s burden. Very soon I realized that my service will not be voluntary. I often retrace that episode in my thoughts: does the blame in what happened lie with me? Did that man who called h
  Gift (Prometheus - Alien: Covenant)
David was watching the monitors out of the corner of his eye. Not a single motion for months – only the wind scurried fallen leaves and rags around the square. Cameras had been on the blink more and more often or just acted up. He assumed they would soon have to be abandoned.
Suddenly there was a glimpse in the corner of the screen. David turned short and shifted his glance at the monitor. There could be no mistake.
Not an animal, not a hybrid created by the epidemic. There were still some in the forests – and theoretically they could visit the city, too. But, no matter how unbelievable and impossible it was, this one was a survivor. Perhaps the last one. Wrapping himself up in a cloak of grey sackcloth – the weather was dank outside with its chilly wind and a slashing drizzle.
A young one. If he were a human, David would assume him to be about 16-17 years old. According to the data on Engineers he had managed to study this estimate was right for their race, too. Engi
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That is awesome! :+fav:

Those eyes don't really glow?