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Kitsune warrior

Character is free. Give in good hands. Only good) I mean, if you really need, and you will develop the story.

I decided to do a little contest. To obtain this character, you need to write a short biography of him. No need of a literary text, I still can not assess the quality of the text. Only history itself. Try to write without slang and not very complicated phrases.
The contest will run until April 15. After that, I'll pick a story that I think is best suited to this fox. The winner will be able to dispose of this character on your own.

I'm sorry to have kept with the outcome of the competition. Fell upon the circumstances of real life ... (
There were three contenders. I read all three stories - many thanks for that. Unfortunately, the winner may be the only one, so I chose that story, on which the soul will resonate. History, which will co-creation. It is story by GonakadetGirl. GonakadetGirl gets the character.
But provided and consolation prizes. Napoisk and LiveLifeWolf get to choose a prize: print 15x20 cm this drawing or the original electronic version for self-printing.
More'll answer when I get back from vacation in mid-May)
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Nice character design!
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Love the texture, pose, fur, detail, epic heroicness. :D
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The fur detail is stunning! All the little strokes and texture is very well done
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Oh wow, those wings are magnificent!
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interasting idea nice style and detailes, so it deserves a fav
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Just breath taking...
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This is a beautiful character, and a wonderful painting. I think I would like to try out for him. Here it goes:

It is told in the legends that the Shamans of our people gain their powers from the Earth and the beings that dwell here. Some are born with powers, and some must obtain them through ritual hunts, fasting, and vision seeking. A good shaman is an important member of a village, but beware, for some shamans have stolen the unbridled powers of demons and evil beings. The one known as Shikoba was one such man. As a boy, he showed interest in possessing supernatural powers, but was not born with any ability. As he grew into a young man, his beloved wife grew very ill. To rescue her, he set off on a great journey to gain the power to save her. For many days he walked along the rocky coast, until he came upon the house of an old witch. She offered to trade with him. She had a spear that had the power of the Thunderbird. With it, he could travel on the great wings of the Lords of the Sky and summon lightning to strike down any foe, and even heal any wound or disease. Such a powerful item came at a great price. The witch required Shikoba to travel to a distant land and slay a great demon for her as payment for the spear. Shikoba accepted, and with the wings of a Thunderbird, he flew across the ocean to where the beast lived. He stalked and hunted the great creature for six days, before he cornered and killed it, taking its pelt as proof of his triumph, wearing it on his back. When he flew back to the witch's house, he attempted to remove the pelt and found it to be stuck. The skin of the fox demon had become his own, as it still possessed some evil magic. Frightened, he flew to his village, only to find it abandoned. Shikoba searched until he found the nearest neighboring village. Once there, he asked about his old home and his wife. The people shook their heads, telling him the village he was referring to had moved on nearly six hundred years ago. He refused to believe it, and continued searching. In his heart, Shikoba knew that his journey to the distant land to slay the fox demon had lasted not six days, but six hundred years. Like the beast he slayed, he bore one tail for each 100 years he had been in this world. But in his mind, Shikoba refused to believe that the dark magic of the Kitsune was that strong. He refused to believe that his wife was gone and that he may never see her again. To this day, he continues to search for his beloved wife in this world and any others he can access by slaying demons and deities with his great spear. It is said that when ever he returns to Earth, a great storm follows him.
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I like it)
Can I have a bit to continue your story?

Years went by. Shikoba not know, but together with the skin demon came into him kitsune soul. The demon was too weak, he could only look Shikoba eyes and meditate. At first he was angry and wanted revenge on his killer. But then he got tired hate. The demon became invisible companion Shikoba and saw a lot of things had not wanted to see. He saw many people - rich and poor, noble and vile. He felt Shikoba love to his wife. He saw that the world is much bigger and better than his anger. Eventually kitsune understood and forgiven.
But time changes all. Demon softened with time and become more human. But Shikoba has become hardened. Despair break him. Years have made the image of beloved into dead portrait and perfect picture without life.
Once Shikoba wanted in rage to kill the innocent. And kitsune, gathering all the will, stopped his hand. Shikoba heard a voice in my head: "Do not turn into me."
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:la: Oh yes! That fits perfectly into what I was trying to convey! Thanks so much.

Even if I don't win the character, would it be all right if I put a revised version of this story in my gallery as a collaboration between us? I would credit you for your part, of course. :heart:

You're a great story teller with both word and visual art. I can't wait to see more of your work.
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Oh, no problem, it was really productive and enjoyable.
I hope that you add to this story your details and events and continued)
In any case, it was a good experience!
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Oh yes, I really do want to add to this story! I certainly will if I win the contest. :)
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Thank you very much and I apologize for the delay in the results. The results of the competition in the updated description of the work.
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I understand, real life situations come first.

Thank you so much! I am so honored to win this character. I want to add his history to my gallery, now and begin work on the next story. :la:

Thank you!
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Oh, please tell me something more came of this. That was beautiful T_T
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Amazing details, colors and textures
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Here's my bio:

Long, long ago, during the Dark Century, a war was waged against the Clan of Vorcantalle. The battle was the bloodiest and most gruesome event the land had ever seen. Vorcantalle was a peaceful land, creatures were permitted to live in whole harmony, and the cycle of the world would be balanced.
But all was not well within the territory, for a dark Force was upon the residents of Vorcantalle. The superior defence master, D'orhoka, had a vicious side to his seemingly relaxed and level existence. His weakness was jealousy, jealousy of the Alpha Leader's mate, Rukkaias (The name of the character above). She was the most impeccably bred female Kitsune vixen the world had ever seen. And also the most beautiful. She had the most magnificent et of wings, which no other possessed.
Driven by the hatred for the Alpha, D'orhoka gathered his defence recruits and bore down upon the Alpha and his noble warriors.
The Leader had known since the day he wed the Kitsune female that he'd have jealous oppressors. And there, on that day, he was proven right. Even so, he loved her with his whole being, and he fought until his last breath to keep her safe. Rukkaias, stricken with grief at the loss of her beloved mate, turned upon D'orhoka with hatred blazing in her sunset-coloured eyes. To him, the vixen seemed more beautiful and tempting than ever before. But, as he advanced upon the vixen, Rukkaias' eyes emitted a burning light. Her wings flared, growing larger than ever before, until they towered above her head. Her single tail sprouted eight more, until she was the exact replica of the first Kitsune to ever walk the Earth.
"D'orhoka, you have betrayed the noble spirit of Kitsune. You have turned your power towards an evil cause. For this, your spirit is banished forever to the Dark Gates of Voeht (the Devil of the Fey)."
She raised her spear and the tip glowed iridescent blue. Lightning crashed in the sky, and with one colossal flash, D'orhoka was gone.

This ^^ was a short biography of the character's part. She is now 800 centuries old, and rules Vorcantalle.
Please note me if I happen to win this character!
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Thank you very much and I apologize for the delay in the results. The results of the competition in the updated description of the work.
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