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Fight with lionar


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Battles with lionars

Usually a priest chooses a young lionar for the future battle himself. He then trains lionar for the battle and free, independent life in case of a victory. Their relationship is best described as a ‘master and apprentice’ type relationship, though both of them realize that sooner or later they will have to fight each other to death. 'Keeping distance’ and remaining emotionally remote is impossible even for the most self-reserved hayns. Thought staying away from close companionship would be less painful for both sides, they still prefer to get to know each other. To get to know their death.

Lionar knows that there will be a battle since early childhood. A state of denial usually happens in the teenager period. A lionar has a choice to become close to his master or not to. Usually it’s the two of them who decide that. Aros stays away from this relationship. Sometimes couples even fall apart for various reasons. In most of the cases, tough, a mutual interest in finding out who is going to be your death takes over. Your death has a face, a name, a personality and a soul. It has no hatred towards you. It has honesty and dignity. In a world where death can be a simple accident it’s not the worst option.

It doesn’t matter who wins the fight- he is equally a winner and a loser. Every victory is equally joyful and tragic. It is a denial of a personification of good and evil, destruction of a popular paradigm that “good always defeats evil”. As a matter of fact, in their societies this paradigm was never even formed. Their world is not divided into “black” and “white”. They don’t have “good” and “bad”, “good” and “evil”… they only have two equally important lives, and that’s how it always was.

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Battle with lionar II by hontor Battle with lionar III by hontor Battle with lionar IV by hontor Battle with lionar V by hontor
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Which clay are you using to make them? :")
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amazing sculpture. xxinlove:: 
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:XD: :XD:  :heart: :heart:  Fabulous! Stunning! Beautiful! ...
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¡Por favor, queremos ver más trabajos tuyos en el grupo!

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woah. how did you make it? it's some kind of a metal or what?
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great work!!!
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The variety and balance of forms here is amazing.
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:D:D :heart: :heart:  Simply-- It's perfectly fabulous...
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Beautiful work, looks like a stopped film scene, or a photo. And the story behind it- unusual, and deep. I like it.
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I had a dream where I saw a cartoon about these creatures. In similar style to this sculpture... Haha!

Thank you!
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This is amazing! You made it look soo good! :D :O
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This is such a fascinating, but saddening, concept! It gives this beautiful sculpture so much character. Now I really want to find out more about this world : o
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Yes, it is very sad, and the society would have refused those fights if there was such a possibility...
Unfortunately, I have a little bit of translated texts. I hope that this will change someday) Thank you for your interest in my world.
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This is fascinating.
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Wow gorgeous and dynamic !!! :D
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See that turned out all right :) Yay! It looks pretty good!
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Thank you! I'm happy that it is finished:)
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Gorgeous texture!
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This turned out wonderful. I love the pose, how the lionar supports itself on the wall, the dynamic of the pose and the espression both creatures.
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