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Is that tin foil? If so it's wonderful! If not it's still good!
Peonies18's avatar
I love the details on these! They're so cute and close to how they're supposed to be. :) Eevee evolutions are my favorites! 
redghost187's avatar
falareion looks like a bad ass :3
Rainbow-Lava's avatar
I love it! But, I was wondering if you are going to do Sylveon now that X and Y is out
NoelaniDesign's avatar
I love Eevee and the Eevee evolutions so much! Thank you for sharing these! =^.^=
GaiasDeath's avatar
Absolutely love the detail.
Jesness's avatar
Those are incredible, what are they made of? The little details are amazing. Very cool. 
WEAPONIX's avatar
these are all amazing! :)
agtiger1's avatar
Holy shit that #2 looks like the most awesome flareon i've ever seen too bad i think it was meant to be jolteon, STILL AMAZING THOUGH!!!
Kykel's avatar
Wow!!! The Flareon is especially pretty!! Love all the bright color!
ZackFairsGirl909's avatar
they are so beautiful~ :squee: <3
katwatrous's avatar
Are you going to make Vaporeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon? :heart:
katwatrous's avatar
edit: sorry! I was browsing your etsy and I didn't see Vaporeon!
Goldinette's avatar
It is a very good job ! I love the style of these pokemons ! Draco on your web site is so pretty too ! I love it.
P3rid0t's avatar
I love umbreon the best but isnt the fin on vaporeons tail missing?
Phenometron's avatar
They're all really cute.
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Kat-Skittychu's avatar
very cool, but what are they made of?
Photosynthesis-Cat's avatar
Holy .. O__o so detailed!
Auradell's avatar
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I would really love the eevee (and the rest)... I wish I had money.
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