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Dragon-rabbit jackalope


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A wolpertinger! I love this design so much - the dragon wings instead of bird wings look awesome~!

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So cute! A rabbit with dragon wings and antlers. Love it. I love the fur design too.
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Beautiful the hell? 
Om-nom-nomnivore's avatar
Your things are so cute!!!
CazSteele's avatar
Love this cute little piece! <3
r3v3r53d's avatar
Got to ask, would you ever make another one of these for your store?  And then how much would it cost?
r3v3r53d's avatar
This has to be one of my favorite things I've seen made on DA!  It's so cute and awesome all at the same time!
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amazing! i love the eyes. whats it made from?


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Wow, soooo cute!! Love it!
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Wolperntinger! Funny fellow :)
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These jackalopes rule, what material you use to make them?
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This is beautiful!
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Congratulations for being featured on neatorama with this! So beautiful!
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Cute Drakalope. I must needs one.
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Looks like a jackalope (expect with the wings:S)
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Oh my goodness, this is just so cute, but so badass at the same time. I don't know whether to squeal or scream. :3
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The perfect combination XD
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That's very detailed, what is that made out of? i want to say the metallic or metal polymer clay?
Anyways its amazing!
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"Jack" is short for Jackrabbit. Your name is redundant.

Dracojackalope, maybe? Jackawyrmalope? Jackalopus Rex?
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