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Creepy creatures WIPs

By hontor
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Just experiments)
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(super late haha)
I'm oddly reminded of those giant floating creatures that live in the water around the island of Solstheim in Skyrim.
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Awesome! Nightmare creatures brought to life!!
You do some great work.
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These look like langoliers envisioned by Del Toro.
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is it weird that i think they're adorable?
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I love them xD
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I love the teeth detail! very nice!! :D
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жуткие и милые одновременно))
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completely creepy! Nod Nod Nod 
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Ya know the best way to come up with creepy stuff? Create something that's distinctly human and yet also not. Gotta travel that uncanny valley m8.
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looking good, can't wait to see
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wow look like they belong on the ocean floor
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very creepy! but awesome too, reminds me of something that would look perfect in a stop-motion movie xD 
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Look at their spindly little legs XD They'd probably be more terrifying in the dark with hints of that glow in t he dark paint you used on some of the other sculpts.   They're just oddly cute atm XD
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these things are.........................awesome
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I'm already loving where this is going.
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