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Broken birds


«Broken birds»

«The central part of the triptych is the largest work in the series, 1,5 m high. I imagined this painting exactly like this. Enormous, like a full-length mirror. A nightmare to go through again and again, in dreams and in reality,

A nightmare that pulls down, into the fire, into the abyss of pungent smoke.

And still, caught in the framework of the canvas, embodied in art and named, he loses part of his control over Titmouse. And this is the first, albeit painful, step to freedom».

Other works of this series:

Fading by hontor  Untitled by hontor
Fury by hontor  Fire Spirit by hontor  Blind Justice by hontor  Long Shadows by hontor

You can buy print here:…

Full series and a little about it:…
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:o... WOAHO HOOO!, my respects!, is very sentimental and beuatiful the drawing.

You left me speechless :happyclap:  
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Thank you... this is an important work for me, like the whole series.
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you're welcome Cuddles + Owlie: Hug of Sorts 
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Based on the legend of Prometheus ...
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Not really, but there is some truth in this...
Thank you!
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However - it's fantastic work !
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Thank you again)
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welcome and a Happy New Year !
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stunning concept!
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Thank you a lot!
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This is absolute steampunk brilliance! 
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Thank you so much!
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This is a super good piece and it's amazing! I love the look and theme of this. I'd buy a print but my parents would think I'm weird.

ps liljatupsu its actually a falcon in ninjago not a hawk
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Parents always think so) But I understand.
Thank you a lot!
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wow, I was impressed by that kind of mechanical eagle
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Thank you! In fact, these gears are only a symbol, but convenient for expressing idea...
This is an android, not a machine.
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As David and Walter in "Alien: Covenant".
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The feather detail is beautiful. 
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