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Blood Moon beasts

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These are stunning! I love the moon on each one, and the glow in the eyes. All are very nicely done, and I'm torn on picking a favorite! :squee:
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These are my favorite paintjobs. They are so wonderful!
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Love the color scheme! The designs are very fitting, ancient and reminiscent of some forgotten culture. 
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I've been awaiting inspiration surrounding a new wood-knife set and just what to try my hand with, and thanks to your excellent menagerie, I now have a Top-Shelf example to (amateurishly and clumsily) attempt! (Thank you for being such a nimble carver Hontor, these are A++Amazing!
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i would like to be a kid to play with them...
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Adorable and amazing did you carve them yourself or did you get them from somewhere I'm just wondering cuz if you did carve it you did a really damn good job
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Man those are f-n gorgeous
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They look great
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I couldn't find a listing for the ram on the website. Could you tell me it's price? Are these wood carvings or something different?
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I apologize, I thought I put it in the store. Here is a direct link - it's even ready to be sent:…
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Very cool! I especially like the squid and the snake.
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Awesome design!  I love the coloration :D
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that one cat is the only one with an amulet, i wonder if it is the leader
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Amazing! Beautiful works.
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Ooooo these are GORGEOUS Mako Star Eyes 
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Really nice, I think I would have preferred the dragon without the ear frills though. 
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Darn the two that I would have wanted, the bat and coyote weren't available.
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Bats ready to ship)…
And for coyote you can use this listing:…
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