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«The Atonement»

«You can’t imagine how much it took me not to destroy you and how I’m struggling to hold back now».

However this little bird is not that easily frightened. This is one of the crucial moments after which Titmouse remained our enemy but we already came to respect him.

Other works of this series:

Fading by hontor  Broken birds by hontor  Liberation by hontor
Fury by hontor   Blind Justice by hontor  Long Shadows by hontor

Full series and a little about it:…
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I stumbled at your series by sheer accident but I can hardly express how happy I am to have discovered it. Proportion, precision, ambience, and symbolic depth - that's what I call real art. Nonetheless, I am not sure if I understand correctly the description of the series you've provided - is it a symbolic reference to the plot of Alien: Covenant, a cycle of illustrations for your story based on the film or yet something else? Maybe I don't get it right because I only watched Prometheus (the Alien films are just way to gory for my taste) but your series have really piqued my interest and I'm dying to understand better the meaning of these pictures.
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beautiful artwork!
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I love this series so much.

Is the tit a human? I read your journal and trying to understand it.

The eagels are androids, and they are protecting the tit?
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Oh, wow! Your art is incredible! 
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I'm curious, is there a story behind all those drawings? if so, I'd love to hear about it :D 
Or is it just a theme? Like a justice theme? 
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No worries :D I just assumed that you were busy with work, so you couldn't answer to every comments ^^
Thanks for clearing that up :D
Oh, I didn't see this journal ^^; the theme is interesting :thinking: 
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I almost never respond to comments about random animal figurines, but I just cannot ignore people who respond to what is really important to me... 
Thank you, and I hope that there will be many more works in this series.
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Ah okay :D
Me too haha ;) 
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I love this! The atmosphere, the feeling of it, and the light it has despite the dark colours.
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Oh, how unexpectedly it was difficult to work in this color scheme... Thanks for such a high appreciation of my work.
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Amazing gallery! Sculptures are awesome!
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Yes, tense, but magical... Thank you.
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This is stunning, I love the details!
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Thank you so much!
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