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Artbook - Eagle and Titmouse

Yes, I finished this project!

Printed copy:…

A bright, colorful magazine dedicated to a series of paintings by Evgeny Hontor "Eagle and Titmouse", on the history of Eva Odinets. 
At the moment, the series has about thirty paintings created using digital painting.

This is a philosophical series with a great background. It is about how it is to live for thirty years bearing inside the truth others refuse to see, and not to lose your mind. About fates crushed by good intentions. About loss and loneliness.
And healing.

«My initial attitude towards Titmouse — “I’d strangle him with my own hands!” — at some moment transformed into “I’ll tear off the hands of anyone who dares touch him”. As we got to know the details of his story I came to respect him. I even felt admiration.
What else was perceptible in Titmouse was his eternal trust in the world, his belief that life is not only about suffering and injustice. Despite all his wounds, despite all the pain and fatigue he was radiating the principle that life is worth living.
And he was able to admit his mistakes. Without losing his self-respect or betraying his inner sense of justice».

Learn the story of the Eagle and Titmouse! 

Printed copy:…
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I must say it sounds interesting but I'm confused about what exactly this whole thing is. You say it's a deep philosophical story but is it told through like a variety of different kinds of art pieces such as paintings, sculptures, etc. that all come together?
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Who is Eva Odinets and where can we learn about them so we can understand your inspiration? 
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wonderful work, so much talent!Eastern Bluebird 
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Ha... mouse.

Nice work!
Ukuli's avatar
Your art looks simply amazing. :wow:
And as I promised before, preoder has been made. :3 So looking forward. : 3
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Awesome work of the whole story Heart
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Why did you write Titmouse and paint the Great tit? XD 
hontor's avatar
I know that the bird I need is called a great tit, but Titmouse as the name sounds better. And the most correct would be to use the word Sinichka.
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Now I understand and it sound great :D
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This looks amazing!
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