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Sentinel Salvage 01 - Scrapper (FBX BLEND OBJ)

Sentinel Salvage 01 - Scrapper (FBX DOWNLOAD)


MASTER MOLD With Control Chair(New FBX Download!)

MasterMold-With Chair (FBX OBJ Download) UPDATED!*


M.O.D.O.K. New Battle-Damaged Version! (FBX Download)

M.O.D.O.K.-Battle-damaged version FBX DOWNLOAD


A-Team Soldiers Of Fortune fangame - B.A. Baracus FBX (DOWNLOAD)

A-Team SOF - B.A.Baracus 1 Exclusive FBX DOWNLOAD


Spotlight (Download!)

Hydra WarMachine V1 - FBX OBJ DOWNLOAD

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Software and hardware development, game-resources and educational and tutorial services.

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I believe that video-games are also an artform. Interactive, animated art that has a lot more involved than just a single still image. There is a 3D world that has to be made, lighting, special-effects, sound and coding to control it all.

George Winter (Senior Staff): I've worked professionally in web-development, graphic design and software-programming. I have also been employed as a sculptor and mould-caster. I also have a background in marketing.

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Thanks fort adding 4 more to your collection. Hope all the models come in handy.

Too many great models, they all would be great in a game!

There's a couple that I did that I don't think anyone else has even attempted- The K'tinga Bridge and the Amok Time arena. I haven't seen any other versions of either one.

I am working on a StarTrek fangame, and I wanted to include a couple of missions involving going back in time and finding old lost ships, so these will work great.

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I am trying to spend more time working on the Trek-style game. It is going pretty well, I just got a good multiplayer system working using Mirror. I am implementing a web-based game-chat though to increase the game's networking speed. I also have a couple of other game projects I'm working on too, and school-work. I'll try to release a demo version soon. I will try to avoid using any copyright material when releasing the game online.

I see. Good Luck.

Thanks for coming back for the 5 favs!