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A selection of visual art that aims to quickly demonstrate my standard output. Old pieces will be shuttered into folders, at the very least. Nothing is guaranteed to remain forever. Don't feel bad for not commenting.

I'm not particularly active here.

For more art and other creative efforts: see TUMBLR.
For completely disposable content, or to interact with me in a public space: see TWITTER.
For everything else, I suppose there is EMAIL.

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I will not whine at you for:

a.) lurking
b.) faving without comment
c.) leaving comments that are not-quite-related to the picture

If you see something here, chances are it is:

a.) a present for somebody
b.) kamishibai-related
c.) fanshit

...listen, all I ask is that you enjoy; thanks for passing through. ❤

edit: ugh, is there a way to get rid of that "Needs Premium Membership" blatant lie? I don't need shit—thanks  ❤
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