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Last Mage Of Krypton: The Second Year



When I get round to doing a sequel to The Last Mage of Krypton, (I am sketching out scenes and plot-lines as of the time of writing) this will most probably be the cover used.
I have, however, done the Sorting Hat's Song for Year 2 (as one didn't appear in HP:CoS).

To learn of magic’s why you came / To Hogwarts like a moth to flame,
And now you stand right here before / I send you to the Houses four.
But which House will be your fate / To find out, you will have to wait,
And when you wear me on your head / The choice I reach will soon be said

To Gryffindor I may send you / A house of courage through and through.
With Hufflepuff you may depend / On finding many new true friends.
To Ravenclaw you may aspire / Their thoughts they go higher and higher.
Or Slytherin is just your style / With cunning, ambition and guile.

But please note that although I sort / It means much less than you have thought.
The Houses should not drift apart / All have magic in their heart.
And now at last the time has come / To sort you all now one by one,
As soon upon your heads I’ll sit / And tell the world where you will fit

And so upon your heads I’ll sit / and Sort you all and that is it!

-Sorting Hat, start of year 1992/1993

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That's a pretty good song idea for the Sorting Hat!