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March 4, 2021
Art by HonjeArt
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Yep, saber alter a.k.a Artoria Pendragon vs Arthas Menetil vs Artorias who is my fave. This is my depiction of their battle, the three diff derivations of Arthur in their own respective universe. One thing to note, I chose saber alter to match Artorias after he was defeated by Manus (the dlc boss Artorias) and Lich king.

Anyways, My commission is opened. So if you are interested, feel free to check my journal or details:

Commission!!! Hello fellow deviants! This is Honje and this is my commissions corner!!So after doing some commissions, I decided to make a proper commissions form.Here's my term:My Focus is characters, which means My do and don't do list are:Do : Every character (OC/fanarts) in all types of genre (female & male, monsters, creatures, mecha, etc.)Don't : Hentai/porn (sexy concept is still ok except drawing genital part and sexual activity).If you are interested, please send me the descriptions of the characters (references, notes, sketches are also welcome)PRICE:Headshot portrait : 50$ fullcolor / 25$ greyscale, +25$ for each additional character, 1-2 days ,Half body portrait (Waist-up) : 60$ fullcolor / 30$ greyscale, +30$ for each additional character, 1-3 days (depends on the background),knees to Full body portrait : 120$, +60$ for each additional character, 3-6 days (depends on the background too) - no background, - with background, - complex / detailed background,For commercial use such as book cover etc. : +200$ for each category.Process policies:After receiving your email request and after I replied to your email, I will request for you to complete the payment via paypal, then after that I'll do the artwork. I will send full .psd file to your email after I finished the artwork. I'm open if you demand revision, but my term would only be 1 time revision, which is where I'd send you the greyscale sketch, and after that, the payment should be completed.Contact me via email:, and for payment I'll send paypal invoice to your email and it's including the service fee.

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This looks so epic..that I wish it was the ultimate cross-over. =)

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Action more like in the bed . I’m 7 and ready to sex
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Aka, doesn’t stink like fart.

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It most certainly is art

es artorias nananana muy bueno

yeah amazing!!!

This Is very realstic Hongieart should be proud of his self

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Congrats on the daily deviation!

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Saber Alter would stomp on these two and make them look like noobs. Trust me. I know what all three are capable of and she’s the one that would win.
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It most certainly is art

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lmao what I meant was 'Art' in Arthur 😭

its ok its still very awesome

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actually awesome

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thank you 🙏

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Excellent artwork.

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Your welcome. :)

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