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Jesus praying at Gathsemane

By Hongmin
This scene is about Jesus praying in the garden at Gathsemane while the disciples sleep before he got crucified next day if i'm right... One of my very religious friend asked me to draw Jesus Christ at the rock and gave me a old terribly fuzzy ref picture.. and some right bottom corner part was torn and missing ...i was like "oh my lord" even tho i'm not really religious lol...but i decided to draw it bcz i've never drawn a small figure using the whole scenery before and would be fun using some of my imagination for the missing parts. and i think it came out ok and like the moon and the small buildings of the city. the size is 12 inch X 10.50 inch drawn on vellum finish bristol...
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I say you did good. I like how his face is in a middle of something. I have read this part, and I say I more saw it lake he held his hands tight togehter to his forehead and pray. But this, I got to say, looks great.
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This is a great drawing !!!
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That is amazing...
I wish I could draw like this.
You beautiful artists who make beautiful art make me cower in shame that I can't draw like this. But I wish I could!!! Teach me please!!!
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Gethsemane is one of my favorite subjects. I love your use of darkness and light. Overall I think you have great skill. Keep up the amazing work.
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i love the expression on his face, its very beautiful, and i've love to wrap my arms around his neck, and hug him, very well done 
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~one thing- religion is not really what it is :heart:
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So very well drawn! Great job!
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Fantastic! God bless :)
Wow. You're faith must be amazing to see the bible in such a full and beautiful way.
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very beautifully rendered picture.....the details and the emotion is exquisite
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Lovely. I really like the expression he's making and the little details like the city in the background.
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that is just oh my gawsh its beautiful i love it
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<3 Jesus this is amazing Praise God for ur talent!
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Awesome pic! You've really captured the essence of the moment, here: Jesus' distress at facing a brutal death; as well as the overwhelming and sinking feeling that he was facing this alone -- without his friends!

For someone who describes themselves as 'not really religious', you've done a hell of a job; while tackling a project concerning a religious icon. A job well done! :)
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good believing what u understand
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vary good work
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This is absolutely incredible... Such beautiful detail in the flowing gown... Works like this inspire me to push further :)
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Just to let you know, the spelling of that place is G-e-t-h-s-e-m-a-n-e. Nice picture, too!! I LOVE IT!!
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I see! thanks a lot for the correct spell! :huggle:
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