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Talking about the "most popular" matter of a thing / medium is usually a common sense of personal taste by many fans. Something popular is the result of the effort to reach fans with things that are liked together. For example "Fried Rice", which is a popular food because according to many people it tastes good and is easy to make / buy anywhere. Manga, or Japanese comics, are also popular products. Popular especially among "Japan Pop Culture" fans. And of the thousands (even more) titles circulating throughout the world, some are at a high level of popularity. Included in Indonesia. But, what are the parameters of the popularity of manga? Can the value of sales, the number of fans, or even the number / number hijacked in the format 'mangascan' illegal.

These popular manga have various types of genres and stories. The internet search engine, Google, places several manga titles in the "Most Popular in Indonesia" category based on these factors. What is the intended manga? Come see the following review.
  • One Piece
Do you still need to explain this magic manga by Eiichiro Oda? As the ruler of the peak of the Japanese (and world) manga industry, One Piece has not been completely displaced. Serialized since July 22, 1997, Eiichiro Oda as One Piece mangaka / creator showed no signs that he would end this manga soon.

Although sometimes encountering a few minor obstacles, One Piece continues to be created and enjoyed by millions of fans around the world every week. The actual simple story is made to be super complex with a row of quirky characters, making One Piece continue to be a favorite of the world's manga readers, including in Indonesia.
  • Boruto
This is also the title that really doesn't need to be introduced again because the previous manga, Naruto, is one of Japan's biggest manga that has a huge fan base everywhere, including in Indonesia. Starting the first chapter with mystery puzzles that provoked curiosity from Naruto fans, Boruto's manga was convincingly able to continue Naruto's success while building his own reputation. With continuity from thick Naruto, but having his own plotline, it's no wonder Boruto is one of the most popular in Indonesia at the moment.
  • xxxHOLiC: Rei
"This is Clamp's manga." Just from that sentence is enough to show what the quality of manga is, including popular in Indonesia. "Rei" is a spin-off from the previous xxxHOLiC. "xxxHOLiC" was created by Clamp since 2003. xxxHOLiC itself takes a supernatural theme about high school kids who work for a witch. xxxHOLiC is also often a 'cross-over' location between other manga characters created by Clamp. "Rei" itself was announced in the "The CLAMP Festival 2012" event, but only really began to be published a year later, precisely in March 2013 for the magazine "Young Magazine" from the publisher Kodansha.
  • Black Clover
For me (currently) Black Clover looks ordinary because it feels generic and typical of "Might and Magic" Japanese manga. But that certainly doesn't change the fact that Black Clover is one of the most popular titles in Indonesia for manga fans. With the setting of an empire where the existence and use of magic are normal things called Clover Kingdom, the manga story of Black Clover is in two characters, Asta and Yuno. Yuno has a great magic talent, while Asta doesn't even have magic ability at all since birth. As a result, Asta strengthens the physical ability to compensate for the inability to do magic. Fun fact, this condition is a bit similar to Rock Lee's character in the Naruto manga, where he is more focused on the physical strength section than the science of ninjutsu. Black Clover began serializing in Japan's famous manga magazine "Shonen Jump" since February 2015 and is still running today.
  • Devil’s Line
The title of this manga has already been shown about what the theme was created by Mango Ryo Hanada since 2013, "Dark Fantasy". The story involves creepy mystical creatures like vampire, but in the appearance of ikemen aka a cute guy. The main character is two, the girl of the human race named Tsukasa Taira and the half-vampire-half-human race guy Yuuki Anzai. Anzai saves Taira when she is attacked by stealthy creatures disguising and mingling among humans. Of course there will be nuances of romance between them. The anime version of Devil’s Line may also be the cause of the popularity of this manga in Indonesia because it stars seiyuu / dubber which has many fans such as Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Anzai) and Yui Ishikawa (Taira). Matsuoka is known for his roles as Kirito "Sword Art Online", Yukihira Souma "Shokugeki no Souma" or Sora "No Life No Game". While Ishikawa plays Mikasa Ackerman's "Attack on Titan", Hinaki Shinjo "Aikatsu" and even becomes the voice of the 2B character in the popular video game "NieR: Automata".
  • Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai
Manga (and anime) from this title are very interesting! Fantasy with the right portion between comedy, adventure, action and spice ecchi fanservice makes Seven Deadly Sins a complete package an epic story. I personally don't wonder if this manga is the most popular in Indonesia because it's really good. This manga written and drawn by Nakaba Suzuki's mangaka has been serialized since October 2012 in Weekly Shonen Magazine. Manga Seven Deadly Sins also penetrated other mediums such as video games and of course anime. Seven Deadly Sins TV anime is even among those who have good ratings at this time. With lovable characters, Seven Deadly Sins is one of the cool manga / anime that manga and anime fans need to listen to. So it's natural that this manga is among the most popular in Indonesia according to Google Trends in the past three months.

Do you agree with the Google Trends option? Or do you even have your own opinion about Bandar Ceme Online what manga is popular in Indonesia right now?

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