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Time for halloween

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Happy Halloween HCC people, its about time i posted something. This is part of a commission i did for :iconbiggestsonicfan: but also slips very well into halloween.

Honey here streatching her lust for cosplay by dressing up as Rachel Alucard from Blazblue, also complete with a chuchu umbrella X3

enjoy, its 1280/1024, prefect for scary desktops X3
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wow i wish i had that costume 10 out of 10 not bad at all
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wow it's very cool image
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beautiful o i mean scary:la:
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I like her costume XD
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omg this is gorgeous!!!! good job!
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While Sonic-style character arts give me mixed emotions, I can't help but like one that features a Sonic-style character cosplaying as Rachel Alucard. This 'Honey' has captured Rachel's Little Miss Badass aura awesomely. She even has an umbrella! If only there were some way to get a Chao to cosplay as Gii...

VERY nice. Now, if this cosplayer can pull off the Tsukuyomi Unit, I'll REALLY be impressed.
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yeah i thought about a red chao being gii, but it wouldent be gii, it would just be... well a red chao lol
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Yeah, you're right about that...

Well, this is still an awesome picture, notwithstanding. Rachel is such an awesome elegant vampire loli with a British accent...



...Who's cosplaying as Valkenhayn?
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Reminds me of the Godchild manga :3
Yayz a new post :D
(=3|- (suppose to be the umbrella :P)
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I seemed to have noticed that ears no longer have that super poofy thing going any longer. I think it looks great! XD
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Yeah. she shaved her ears, still has white tips though lol
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XD I like the newer look.
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yeah that's really nice. she looks super cute like that. I like her hair style and her dress is so cute and well done. the umbrella is charming too. and the colors are great. awesome pic!
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you are welcome.. >w>
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This is good! Happy Halloween!!
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That's a perfect costume for Halloween, if you ask me :XD:
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absolutelly amazing pic 8D
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