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Hand Tutorial

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Feel free to use this! Just dont repost

Here are the steps
1st step- draw a block that is smaller at the bottom and is slightly bigger at the top

2nd step- draw the actual arm itself. The wrist should be smaller than the rest of the arm.

3rd step- make your brush size bigger. Then make individual lines. These will be like guidelines for when you draw the fingers. Depending on your style, you can do 4 or 5 fingers. It doesnt matter

4th step- Grab a color that is different from the guidelines. Trace over the guidelines until you have a a hand.

5th step- Line art. During the lineart process, you can change parts that look wonky or unnatural. If you are going for a realistic style or an anime style, the fingers should be different lengths with the middle finger being the longest. Reference your own hand if you need to!

Then you are done! I really hope that helped
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